Davy Jones Of The Monkees, Dead At 66

As a college freshman I watched very little tv.   We had been warned that one in every three of us would flunk out during our first year, so I thought I’d better study.   I did, however, permit myself two tv shows per week, based upon their unbelievable popularity with my peers.  The two shows were Star Trek (the original) and The Monkees.  Every week the tv viewing rooms at Pine Hall (one for men and another for women), were SRO for those two shows.

And so, I read the news of Davy Jones death with sadness.  True, The Monkees, were a kind of pre-fab hit.  Four guys thrown together because marketers thought they’d work well together in a weekly tv show about a rock band, which they did.  They were also there at the beginning.  Back in the tv room at Pine Hall in 1966.

Davy Jones, front man for the Monkees, died of an apparent heart attack at his home in Florida.  He was 66.  RIP

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