Coot’s Top 5 Christmas Gifts

Here, from my old friend and former colleague at ABC,  John Corcoran, is his new thing – videos from the “Old Coot,” which is him.  That is to say, he.  Err….John Corcoran.  Who, were there any real justice and decency left,  would still be on the air somewhere.  As would I.  But that’s another story and I can bitch about that later, following all the joy of the holiday season we are all currently inundated by — that is to say, which currently inundates us all.  Damn that grammar thing.  Miss. Chisholm, warned me that this would happen one day.  She warned me about a lot of things.  Scared the hell out of all of us on a regular basis.  Never underestimate the lasting value of a dedicated grade school teacher.  Anyway dear friends, enjoy this Christmas adventure.  Or misadventure.  Oh what the hell.  Here it is, click on it.  (I accept no responsibility for any of this).

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