Congressman Tom McClintok Calls Trump A Liar

Hard line right-winger from California, Congressman Tom McClintock.  just called Donald Trump a liar.   He did it on the Chris Hayes show on MSNBC and Hayes totally missed it as did DNC Nat’l Chairmam Tom Perez, who was the next guest on the show.

I could be getting this totally wrong.  I’m not DJT, who never makes mistakes, but what happened, as I recall, is that Congressman McClintock was in a heated argument with Chris Hayes regarding what Donald Trump had said about Mexico paying for a wall along the border and McClintock said, “I never believed it.”   So he admits that he believes  Donald Trump to be a liar, because the Donald repeatedly said during his campaign that he would make Mexico pay for the wall.  And McClintock says he never believed what Trump was saying.  Repeatedly.  No question about it.

Thank you Mr. McClintock.   A great many of us agree with your conclusion that Donald Trump is a liar.

If I’m getting this right, I beg you to cut Chris Hayes some slack, as these Republican worms are telling lies with such ease and frequency that it’s easy to let one slip by.  But when members of Trump’s own party admit they were listening to his ongoing lies and that it’s apparently okay,  that’s pretty damn scary.


One thought on “Congressman Tom McClintok Calls Trump A Liar”

  1. Ron–
    I occasionally check your blog, while disagreeing with your leftist drumbeat on issues. It matters little, but I don’t know McClintock & didn’t vote for Trump.
    But, I think I know, stating ‘I never believed it’ in reference to anything said by anyone, is definitely not the equivalent of calling a person a ‘liar’. I don’t believe most of what Ron Olsen opines, but that’s WAY different than calling Ron Olsen a liar. Based on the wording of your above commentary, you have usurped the privilege of putting words in McClintock’s mouth, ending a paragraph with ‘no question about it’. Well, there is a question about it—saying ‘I don’t believe it’ and calling a person a liar are way different statements. All due respect to Ron Olsen’s smarts–sincerely.

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