Communist China Throws Writers In Prison

   A piece in the New York Times this morning, makes one all the more appreciative of our First Amendment.   Our good friends and business partners, the Communist Chinese, have found a solution to the problem of dissident writers.  They’re throwing them in prison.  The Times reports that Chen Xi, has been imprisoned for 10 years for writing 36 essays, which he published online.  Chen Wei, got 9 years for publishing 4 essays the government found “offensive.”

In December of 2009, political activist Liu Xiaobo was sentenced to 11 years in prison.  Liu, was later awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  It’s believed the government’s history of jailing its dissidents during the holidays is aimed at limiting international criticism.

The Times, speculates that Chinese government officials are worried the “Arab Spring” could spread to China.   Consequently, they are throwing people in prison for the unforgivable crime of thinking in the land that gave us Confucius and Lao Tzu, who wrote-

“The Tao abides in non-action,
Yet nothing is left undone.
If kings and lords observed this,
The ten thousand things would develop naturally.
If they still desired to act,
They would return to the simplicity of formless substance.
Without form there is no desire.
Without desire there is tranquillity.
In this way all things would be at peace.”

Stuff that in your Communist Manifesto.

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