Choose Your Weapon

A former colleague with a weight problem used to refer to donuts as “rings of death.” I thought of that the other day, when I heard that a donut company was offering free donuts to anybody who got a Covid shot. Apart from the obvious contradiction, and the clever marketing ploy to increase foot traffic at donut shops, it also occurred to me that maybe donut makers should offer free donuts to anyone willing to turn in an assault rifle?

It just might work, as Americans love donuts almost as much as they love their guns. Some just might go for a dozen glazed or chocolate covered with jimmies in return for their AK-47 variants and various other assault weapons designed specifically for no other purpose than the most effective slaughter of human beings.

It would probably even out in the end, as those who were saved from getting guns off the streets would eventually die from obesity-related complications.

Another thought this morning, as I watched for the third or fourth time recycled news about Joe Biden appointing VP Harris as our new czar to oversee problems at the border, was just how obvious it is that the Democrats are setting up Harris to run for president three years from now. Not that she has a scintilla of a chance. The gravitas just isn’t there to beat out whichever white guy the Republicans run against her. Her appeal tilts too far to the left.

Andrew Cuomo could win or Al Franken, but the Dems themselves have eliminated both, bright prospects though they might have been, with zeal. Gavin Newsom, would also make a great candidate, but both the Republicans and the Dems appear to be out to wreck his political image. Any white democratic male, or for that matter, anyone with broad-based political appeal to the electorate who committed any distasteful act, including even complimenting a woman on her appearance, seems doomed to face the wrath of Gillibrand , AOC and their cadre of lefties.

And so, dear friends, barring unforseen developments, get ready for another Republican in the Oval in 2024, should the Democrats stay on their current course with the grinning Californian, Kamala Harris, as their frontrunner. Can you really see her leading the country in a time of war?

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