Another mass shooting.   This time it was clearly race-based, with a white man who can be seen in photos wearing racist patches on his jacket killing nine black people in a black church.   Sadly, Jon Stewart is right, nothing will be done about it.   Sadly,  mass shootings have become a common occurrence in America.   They have come to be expected.   Nothing will be done.

In April of 2013, USA Today reported on statistics from the Children’s Defense Fund,  writing that  “In 2010, 15,576 children and teenagers were injured by firearms — three times more than the number of U.S. soldiers injured in the war in Afghanistan, according to the defense fund.  Nationally, guns still kill twice as many children and young people than cancer, five times as many than heart disease and 15 times more than infection, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.”

But nothing will be done.

Even though the United States has the highest rate of gun ownership in the world, with 89 guns for every 100 Americans.  Even with Sandy Hook (27 dead), Charleston (9 dead), San Ysidro (21 dead), Columbine (13 dead), Oakland (7 dead), Oak Creek (6 dead),  Killeen, Texas (22 dead), Washington, DC (13 dead), Aurora (12 dead), Virginia Tech (32 dead),  and all the rest, nothing will be done, because so many of our leaders have been co-opted by the NRA and other special interest groups representing gun manufacturers, owners and promoters.   Because, as Bernie Sanders has reminded us, our government no longer works.   It is broken.   We truly do have the best government money can buy.

At the very least, our gun laws need to be reformed to include backgrounds checks.   It should probably go even further, but that at least would be a place to start.    Better controls on the sale and ownership of firearms is one  part of the problem.    In Charleston, the other part involves decades of ignorance, fear and hate.  In other words, racism,  with thinking people growing weary waiting for non-thinking people to evolve while rebel flags continue flying over South Carolina, promoting terrorism against American citizens on American soil.

And we the people, steeped in denial and locked down by a dysfunctional government do nothing, other than run out of things to say as we face moral and ethical exhaustion waiting for the carnage to continue.

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  1. The discussion on Facebook was about “resisting arrest”. It seems that the white “gentleman” who gunned down black people in church did a better job of being arrested than the black man selling cigarettes. The moral they took from the story was :
    “Don’t resist arrest.”
    I left before it became a second amendment discussion. Welcome to Tennessee! Welcome to AmeriKKKa.

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