Canadians Stop Reporter At The Border

U.S. journalist, Amy Goodman, was stopped and questioned by the Canadian authorities as she was crossing over into Canada for speaking engagements in Vancouver and Victoria.  Apparently they were worried she might say something about the 2010 Olympics.   The CBC reports that Goodman was stopped and questioned for 90 minutes.

“Goodman says Canadian Border Services Agency officials ultimately allowed her to enter Canada but returned her passport with a document demanding she leave the country within 48 hours.” -CBC

According to Goodman, the Canadian cops let her go, once she told them was going to be speaking about  health care and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and not about the 2010 Olympics in Canada.    The border police searched Goodman’s car and demanded to see her notes and her computer.

I know Goodman is politically progressive but she’s not the Taliban.   I’m pretty sure she’s not related to any of the bin Ladens.  She’s an American journalist.  It almost sounds like they’ve put together an enemies list so that the border cops will know who to stop and harass?  What if she had been crossing over to talk about the Olympics?  Would she have been denied entry?   Should the U.S. start denying Canadian journalists entry to the United States because they might be coming into the country to talk about (or cover)  something our government might deem to be controversial?   I’m not all that familiar with the Canadian system but I was under the impression that Canada stood in defense of free speech?

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