California Leads The Way With “Cuss Free Week”

Anthony Portantino

Democrats and Republicans in the California State Legislature may have finally found something they can agree on.  A statewide “Cuss Free Week.”  The Assembly, is set to vote on a resolution designating the first week in March as our “Cuss Free Week, when all Californians will be called upon to try and avoid using swear words.

The idea was inspired by a teenager who founded a no-cussing club at his junior high school and was introduced in the Assembly by Anthony Portantino (D-La Canada/Flintridge).

Assemblyman Portantino says his staff plans on delivering “cuss jars” to the offices of all the state lawmakers and the Governor.   Anyone who is naughty and uses a bad word will then have to put some money in the “cuss jar.”  If they feel like it.

Isn’t that special?

The state is $21 billion in the hole and our legislative hall monitors are fiddling around at the junior high level?    Worse than than that, the AP reports that swearing on the floor of the State Assembly is rare.  Worse still, this wasn’t even their idea.  They had to borrow it from a high school kid.

With endless gridlock along party lines, the U.S. Senate continues to rank among the most dysfunctional, useless and disgusting legislative bodies in the country.  The California State Legislature isn’t far behind.

Don’t misunderstand.   Cleaning up the country’s language is a good idea.  But this is something that belongs where it originated, at the junior high school level.

Stand by for the Assembly’s next big move, an annual sweetfest celebration with legislators running around pinning one another with flowers, chocolates on every desk and a big parade through the streets of Sacramento.

And these people are responsible for overseeing the 8th largest economy in the world.

As for Mr. Portantino, the cost of cleaning up the recent mudslides back in his home district of La Canada/Flintridge, is expected to run somwhere between $20 and $30 million.   Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich, has raised the question of whether the U.S. Forest Service may have been negligent in not doing more to contain the spreading fire that eventually led to the mudslides.  Presume the assemblyman’s got that all worked out?

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