“Bustin'” Still Makes You Feel Good

   Saw the original  “Ghostbusters” again last night but not via DVD on my tv set.  No, I watched the original from 1984 as it was intended to be seen, in a movie theater with accompanying boffo movie theater sound.  And kids, Ghostbusters, has still got it.  I’ve always loved the movie, the attitudes of the characters, the creative storyline and the smart writing, but it holds up on the big screen even better than I had imagined.  I had forgotten just how funny Rick Moranis is in his role as the nerdy accountant Louis Tully.  Here’s a bit of the dialogue following the dramatic final battle between the Ghostbusters and the demon Gozer the Gozerian, which leaves everyone covered in marshmallow sauce.

The Ghostbusters and Louis Tully have narrowly escaped death, when Dr. Ray Stantz, played by Dan Aykroyd, says-

Dr. Stantz: Are you okay?

Louis:  Who are you guys?

Dr. Stantz:  We’re the Ghostbusters.

Louis:  Who does your taxes?

It’s an exchange worthy of the Marx Brothers, and a reminder of how lame so much of the current motion picture fare truly is, doing whatever they feel is necessary to draw in the teen audience while ignoring the rest of what once was the movie-going public.

Ghostbusters is a great film because it is…..well….just plain fun, without gratuitous doses of sex, violence, special effects or anything else.

Kudos to ArchLight Cinemas for bringing back some of the old films to their big screens.  My local ArchLight is also bringing back  “The Shining” and Hitchcock’s original “Psycho” with Janet Leigh and Tony Perkins.  If you haven’t seen it, go.

According to IMDB, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis are currently working on the screenplay for “Ghostbusters III.”  Gonna be interesting to see what they come up with.  I hope they do a reprise of Ghostbusters I, letting the characters and the story dominate the film rather than making it just another experience that’s overwhelmed by special effects.   We’ve got enough of those as is.  After the phenomenal word-of-mouth success of “Midnight in Paris,” you’d think Hollywood might catch on?

FYI – Archlight Sherman Oaks will again offer the original “Ghostbusters” on All Hallows Eve,  October 31st., at 7:30PM.  Archlight theaters in Hollywood and Pasadena are offering their Halloween showings at 7:15.  I strongly recommend buying tickets in advance.

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