Brown Swept In On A “Populist Wave?” Really?

 Scott Brown

  photo: cosmo magazine

Was just watching the network news on CBS and I heard the anchor say the reason nude model truck drivin’ regular guy Scott Brown defeated Martha Coakley, was a “populist wave.”  Oh really?  I’ve been reading that Coakley did everything she could to throw away the election, from overestimating her power back at the beginning when she had a 20 point lead to refusing to go out and campaign to  losing a debate with some really, really bad answers.   In short, she apparently ran a horrible campaign which, some are saying, amounted to a non-campaign.

Some  of the Republican pundits are charging that the Democratic Party is “throwing Coakley under the bus.”  The truth appears to be that she ran out in the middle of the road and waited for the bus to come along and run her down.  One complaint from the right, that Coakely left on a vacation just 20 days before the election, was never adequately refuted by the Coakely camp.  If she was away on vacation, she shouldn’t have been, and if she wasn’t, then she should have refuted the claim.  Either way, it was another problem for her campaign.  Nobody wants a jockey who jumps off the horse in the final turn.  It makes no sense.  Anyway, how can you lose in a blue state like Massachusetts, after being endorsed by Vicki Kennedy and the Boston Globe?  You’ve really gotta work at it (or do far too little, which appears to be what happened here).

Note to the Democratic Party:   It’s a real bad idea to let America think  Brown won due to a “populist wave” if that’s not what actually happened, because it portrays your party as having fallen out of favor with the American people.  If on the other hand, Coakley threw away the election, then you had better try harder to set the record straight unless you want to let your Republican opponents portray this as a “populist wave” with the potential of sweeping over the nation.  CBS, it appears, has already been swept away by what seems to be blatant disinformation.   Is there still a DNC out there or has it been disbanded?

As for me, I just switched over to Lester Holt on NBC.

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