Blessed Relief

The madness, horror, greed, obfuscation, ignorance and lies as hack politicians pretending to be leaders brush up against treason as they continue putting party ahead of country by making excuses for a president who clearly must be impeached asap provides a massive cud for the pundits to chew on.  It no longer matters why Donald Trump is so bad at the job.  All that matters is that he cannot do the job.  He is totally inept to the point of being a danger to the country and the world, and he must be gotten rid of.   Kicked to the curb ceremoniously or unceremoniously, so long as it’s legal.

In Britain, it’s more of the same, as the masses awaken and pressure from both young and old builds to force Theresa May to step aside as PM. Both May and Trump may have been (probably were) assisted by the great Russian propaganda machine, but what remains of Trump’s base is either totally uninformed or simply will not examine and accept facts.

What facts?

-Jared Kushner,  the young son-in-law that Trump put in charge of the nation’s affairs both domestic and foreign,  has publicly admitted that prior to the election the Trump organization was being kept afloat by an infusion of cash from the Russians, which is undoubtedly why DJT has repeatedly refused to release his tax records.

-Trump was surrounded by a cabal of Russian-influenced advisers during his campaign and early days in office.

-Intel reports indicate that in addition to hacking the American political machine the Russians were actively involved in supporting Britain’s exit from the EU, meaning, they were in all probability supporting Theresa May and Donald Trump.  With or without collusion.

-The Russians in the form of Putin and his oligarchs,  see the United States and the U.K., two of the world’s great democracies (our freedom), as the enemy, and yet, it could be many months or even years before this unholy mess is resolved by a Republican dominated Congress, that refuses to put country first.

-We got here by way of Wall Street and its oligarchic greed, pushing reasonable regulations aside, driving the world into a threatened economic collapse resulting in the billionaires and millionaires demanding not increased taxes to support society but a decrease in their taxes and “austerity” programs,  forcing millions of average Americans and Brits to give until it hurt, even though most of them had no more to give as millions of jobs were off-shored to feed the greed – an austerity that opened the door for the Russian supported “Brexit” in Europe and the collapse of American reason which ushered in the age of Trump as millions of desperate Americans decided that anything would be better than more of the same.

Well, it wasn’t.  Putin and his fascist oligarch buddies played us all for a bunch of suckers in what is turning into one of the worst downers of all time.

Can’t take it anymore.

Now watching The Peanuts Movie.

Blessed relief.

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