Barack’s Still Droppin’ Those G’s

 photo: the white house   Regular guy President Barack Obama showed up in Iowa today — totally unrelated to the upcomin’ election, of course.   He’s still speechifyin’ away, tellin’ a crowd, “I know you’ve been seein’ a lot of politicians lately.” 

The man can deliver a speech.  I just wish he’d stop droppin’ all those G’s.  It sounds so contrived, particularly for someone with a degree from Harvard.  Surely he knows better?   Oh wait, doesn’t George W. Bush have a degree from Harvard?  Oh my.   It’s stupifyin’.  Never mind…..

I still wish Mr. Obama would cut it out.   I’m fairly sure he doesn’t talk about regulatin’, contemplatin’, compromisin’ and legistatin’ durin’ his cabinet meetin’s.   Listenin’ to him go on and on with that hillbilly topspin is just so exasperatin’.

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