Barack Obama And The Myth Of Job Creation

 Barack Obama - photo: the white house  Mr. Obama is now in Michigan, talking about the job creating potential of clean energy.  Job creation.  Again.  But not through green energy.  No, that would be too controversial.  Might upset the p-r people at the oil companies, and if there’s anything we know about Barack Obama, it’s that he doesn’t want to upset anyone.  So it’s job creation through “clean” energey.  Job creation.   Seems like that’s all he can talk about.  It’s getting to be a joke and at this point, it’s almost sad.   The once mighty “Mo-town,” that built so many of the tanks and trucks that won World War II, and then became the envy of the world in car and truck production is nearly down for the count.   Unemployment in the motor city is currently running around 12.5%, but that fails to include those thousands of people that have given up and just stopped looking for a job, because there aren’t any.   By one account, the nation’s real unemployment rate is running around 16.6%.   In 2009, Detroit’s unemployment rate hit an unbelievable 28.9%.  The highest number since they started keeping records.  Mr. Obama is talking job creation in a metro area that lost 323,400 jobs over the past ten years.

In 2008 alone, the nation lost 2.6 million jobs.  

Can we get real, Mr. President?  The nation is in crisis.  Crisis.   You need to stop debating and start fighting back with more than words.  You need to start swinging back with real solutions.  And the truth.

Millions of jobs have been sent offshore by corporate America.  Those jobs are not coming back, and it is unlikely that you, Mr. President,  no matter what you say, will be able to do anything to make up the number of lost jobs anytime soon.   So why not try something novel?  Why not try telling the American people the truth, that we’re in a big hole and that getting out of it will likely require a long hard pull, and that creating jobs will demand not just motivating, but forcing the wealthy elite to stop sitting on their money.  They must start putting it back into circulation, into green energy and new technology and even public jobs.  They must be forced to re-invest in America, instead of sending their (our) wealth overseas.  This is only reasonable, since that which benefits the corporation and its stockholders, does not necessarily benefit the United States of America.  And yet the good old USA gives these giant corporations police and fire protection, huge tax breaks and even our military, to protect their interests both at home and overseas.  And some pay NO taxes at all.

This is utter and indefensible nonsense.  The American people would understand this, if only you would stop politely debating and start swinging back.

We passed NAFTA.  Mexico, is now growing a middle class while our middle class is being decimated.  We struck down GATT and stood behind the WTO, and now our military is overseas protecting the interests of international oil companies which enjoy record profits while gouging Americans at the pump.  Americans are literally dying to protect the interests of big oil and their wealthy investors, even though our military personnel can’t find jobs when they return from Afghanistan and Iraq.  All the while, both the corporate fat cats and their investors are sitting on huge piles of money, rather than investing it in job creation while their minions in the Congress fight even the suggestion that additional tax money or even a windfall profits tax might be the only solution to job creation in the short term.   This is madness.

Job creation through clean energy production?  Mr. Obama, you can’t even get this Congress to stop the irrational subsidies the American people are being forced to pay big oil.  Beyond that, the jobs are gone.  They are not coming back, and the people who have the money here in the U.S. are refusing to invest in America even though the American dream is dying.  And they have no interest in compromising.  They have proven to us that they will let the United States crash, rather than compromise.  That sir, is a betrayal of the country.  It is treason.

Mr. President, maybe you should try leveling with the American people.  Maybe you should try using the truth to swing back at the wealthy elite which have all but purchased the entire State of Wisconsin.  You’ve got no other choice, you see, because at this point, going to Detroit and talking about job creation through the development of green…er, pardon me, “clean” energy is just making you look weak, ineffective and even silly.  Clean energy?  Where will the billions of dollars come from to invest in the programs to create the jobs?  What will you do?  Increase taxes on the middle class and further devastate the elderly by agreeing to cuts in Medicare and Social Security?   That’s so outrageous as to be inconcieveable.  Oh wait….you’ve already agreed to that, haven’t you?

Mr. Obama, it’s time to get back to being the man you were when you first asked the American people to put you in the White House.  It’s time to take off the gloves and go after these guys with bare knuckles – to actually fight for the many as opposed to once again caving in to the wealthy few.  It’s time for the truth.  Maybe, just maybe, it will set us free.

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