Bachmann Fails American History

 photo:  Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann, a member of the Congress of the United States and a woman who is apparently considering a run at the White House, seems to be ignorant of basic American history.   Speaking in New Hampshire, Bachmann, who allegedly has a law degree, told the area’s residents they should be proud of their state for being the site of the shot heard round the world, “at Lexington and Concord.”

Thing is, as most of us know,  the shot was fired on the road from Lexington to Concord in Massachusetts, not New Hampshire.  For that matter, it would be kinda hard to fire one shot simultaneously in two towns.  Getting one’s facts straight is important if you’re a lawyer, or a Congresswoman, or the President…

Not that this is all that meaningful.  It only marked the beginning of the Revolutionary War which led to separation from the British Crown and the establishment of the United States as an independent entity.

Most of us read about it in grade school.

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