Aw Jeez….Another War?


John “bomb, bomb, bomb…bomb, bomb Iran” McCain and the other pro-Military Industrial Complex Republicans must be overjoyed.  We’re in another war!  Isn’t that just grand.   And guess where?  The same old, same old.   We’re back in Iraq.  Stuck like a pig in a mud pit, in this unending war between Sunni and Shia.

With France and a few other western powers getting in the fight against the 31,000 man ISIS Army, the whole thing would be over in a few days if the 271,500 member Iraqi Army had its act together.    However, neither Iraq, with a fledgling government which may or may not last, nor its army (which has little or no faith in the government), can be depended upon to conduct themselves in compliance with western benchmarks.

Since we are relying on the Iraqi Army to take the lead on at least one front on the ground, this will probably go on for at least a few weeks and maybe months, or possibly years if the new but not necessarily improved Iraqi Government falls apart or one of our guys gets shot down and taken hostage.   Or if they keep beheading Americans and Brits.

Then there’s the “moderate” Syrian rebels the U.S. plans on arming to help in the fight against ISIS.  Numerous reports indicate that some of these same Syrian opposition fighters have signed a pact that they will not attack ISIS, but that they will fight with ISIS against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

So America plans on arming a potential  enemy?   ISIS is already carrying weapons that were supplied by the U.S. and then dropped to the ground when  the Iraqi Army took off their uniforms and ran, rather than taking up the fight against ISIS.

But even after ISIS is defeated, what then?  The Sunni – Shia sectarian dispute won’t go away, so how long does the U.S. stay mired down in the Middle East trying to mediate the indigenous 1400 year- old war?  Another 50 years?  75 years?  How does that suit you?   How long were the British in India?

Why did George H.W. (Daddy) Bush pull our troops out of Iraq, instead of marching into Baghdad?   Why did Ronald Reagan withdraw from Lebanon after nearly 300 American and French soldiers were killed in the barracks bombing in Beirut?   Did Daddy Bush and Ronnie Reagan know something we don’t?

After 1400 years you don’t really imagine we’re going to fix this mess in a matter of days or months?   We’ve already invested 24 years in the region since George H.W. Bush sent in our military to protect Saudi oil.   But it’s not all bad.   Another war does at least have the potential for producing a whole new batch of American heroes for corporate marketing plans and movie scripts.

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