Another “Elite” Fighting Force

It’s being reported this morning that Iran’s “elite” Revolutionary Guard is now conducting large-scale war games in the Persian Gulf.  I wonder.  Are these guys “elite” like Saddam’s Republican Guard was “elite?”     Their reaction to our military was to go into full retreat,  nearly tripping over one another in a rush back to Baghdad.  I certainly wouldn’t take the hyperbole-prone Iranian leadership’s word for any skill its military might claim to have.

Let’s see, who else had a tendency to overstate things to try and make the west feel as though he was stronger than he really was?  Oh yes!  Saddam Hussein!  I wonder how that’s working out for him?

Gotta be careful about word usage. Particularly when dealing with George W.  He’ll believe almost anything and he’s liable to attack.  He’ll invade and stick around for years.  Above all else, don’t say anything bad about his dad.  Could be a Texas thing, I’m not sure.

Gotta be careful about cartoons too, apparently.  In the Muslim world, at least.

A radical Muslim group is threatening the creators of “South Park” with violent retribution for their show’s portrayal of the prophet Muhammad  in a bear suit.

So let’s see,  what do we know about the guys who are leveling terrorist threats at Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski?   That their heads are stuck in the 13th century?   That they treat women like cattle?   That their culture carries out  public beheadings?  That they see freedom of speech and a free press as their enemy?  But here they are in the U.S. (the author of the article making the threat is apparently in New York) taking full advantage of the free speech and other constitutional rights our ancestors fought and died to preserve.  Rights which our military continues to fight and die for.  Rights they don’t have in their homeland.    And they think we’re the “infidels?

Ignorance is a terrible and frightening thing.   It’s almost enough to make you believe in rendition.  Almost.


Interesting and possibly prophetic (oh my, am I allowed to say that?) front page on the NY Times website.  On the left is the headline, “Obama Issues Sharp Call For Reforms On Wall Street.”   On the right is a photo of Greek civil servants out in the street,  doing battle with police over expected job cuts and other austerity moves their government is carrying out due to a debt crisis.

Same thing could happen here, if Congress doesn’t get up off it’s big, fat, slow as molasses, bought-off by the lobbyists duff and pass meaningful reform to regulate the banking industry.

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