And Now, Chesty Morgan With The News

 Lady Gaga - photo: wiki commons  I’m way beyond the age of someone who would be into Lady Gaga.  Let me rephrase that.  I’m way beyond the age of someone who would be into Lady Gaga’s form of performing art.   Still, in an effort to keep current, and following an interesting appearance by her Ladyship on the David Letterman Show (where they are now bringing Letterman on by calling him “Dave Letterman” instead of “David Letterman” — I wonder why?),  I was pressed to learn more about the Gaga phenomenon, partly because I was so impressed by how skilled and smart she was when confronted by the potentially acid-tongued David (Dave?) Letterman.   Gaga, is no dummy.

And so, I found myself watching  “Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour” on HBO.  It was pretty much what I expected, only more so.  Elements of Cher and Madonna with a Michael Jackson backbeat.   However, I have a difficult time getting into Gaga’s music.  Probably an age thing.  Anyway, this isn’t really about music, is it?  It’s about a monster lingerie show (that’s where the “more so” comes in).  Gaga admitted as much to Letterman, when she said “It’s amazing what happens when you take off your clothes.  You should try it.” (paraphrasing)

Mostly it seems, the Gaga phenomenon boils down to just one thing.  Or maybe two.  Sex and business.  Or the business of sex.  Years ago, the general manager of a tv station here in Los Angeles told me our news product needed more “Sex, sex, sex!”  Stunned, I said nothing in reply, but it’s not the kind of comment one forgets.   With that kind of thinking dominating broadcast journalism, I knew my days on the air were seriously limited.

With Gaga, or the news, the world’s oldest business continues to flourish.   Except that with the news they keep their clothes on — for now.   It isn’t that difficult to imagine “Chesty Morgan with the news!” Measurements 73FF – 32 – 36!  You think people wouldn’t watch?  I can almost feel the ratings rising.   And we’re supposed to take this stuff seriously?  Somewhere Gypsy Rose Lee is smiling.  So is Lady Gaga…all the way to the bank.

photo: wiki commons

Guna Mori of the Folies Bergere (1920)

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