And I Am Thankful For….

   So dear Sarah Palin,  taking a break from spotting Russians from her porch, goes on the fast and loose Glenn Beck show and repeatedly refers to North Korea as our “allies.”  Whoopsie doodle!

Golly!  What if she’d gotten herself elected and bombed the wrong country?  Oooops.

But it gets even better.   Down in the lower 48, Mama Barbara Bush says of sweet Sarah, “I think she’s very happy in Alaska — and I hope she’ll stay there.”

Sarah, pushes back by dismissing George H.W. Bush and Mama Lion Barbara Bush as “blue bloods.”   Oooooooo.  Now you’ve done it.

On this very special day I have a need to express my appreciation for the quality entertainment Sarah continues sending our way and feel compelled to bring back that old favorite, yours and mine, the Sarah Palin holiday turkey slaughter and political babble.   It never gets old.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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