An Exodus?

   Not just a few thousand immigrants, but a possible “exodus of biblical proportions” from North Africa to Europe, is being predicted by Italy’s Foreign Minister Franco Frattini.  Wonder why France, England and several other NATO countries were eager to offer their assistance in the fight against Gadhafi?

Italy’s Lampuedusa Island is said to be crowded with around 15,000 Tunisian refugees without adequate food and poor sanitation, and more are on the way.  A wave of refugees from Libya, is expected.

Then there are the more than 5000 refugees stuck on the border between Libya and Egypt.

“Nearly 5,800 Egyptians and non-Egyptian migrants reached Salum on 3 March although on 4th March only 1,400 migrants of various nationalities arrived there. Among them were several hundred migrants evacuated by IOM from the Libyan port of Benghazi that day. However, reports indicate that people are continuing to make their way to Libya’s border with Egypt.

IOM staff on the ground report growing tension among the migrants at Salum, mostly Bangladeshi, but also a large group of Sub-Saharan Africans desperate to get home.

With large numbers of Bangladeshi migrants not just on the Egyptian border but also an estimated 7,000 at Ras Adjir in Tunisia and about 730 on the Greek island of Crete, IOM and UNHCR are now focusing their efforts on evacuating as many as possible to Dhaka.”

In addition, thousands are leaving Ivory Coast for neighboring countries, as the country approaches full-out civil war.   The U.N. says there could be up to one million people displaced in Abidjan, alone.

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