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  1. Did he, or you, mean “moderate” Republicans? If so, Fallows is quite the genius to know or to presume to know exactly the ideological thoughts of millions of people. A living proverb! We all must bow down. As in trying to define liberals, progressives, democrats, etc., the same holds true in attempting to define conservatives, tea party types, republicans, etc. Each belief holds far to many aspects, (economic, sociological, political, etc.), to be firmly placed or cemented into a convenient box.
    A feeble attempt, at best, of trying to classify folks. Unless, of course, his tongue was firmly in cheek.

    (Comment published after typo correction, changing “modern” to “moderate” Republicans. – ed)

  2. I think there is more than a shred of truth to the quote, Ron.

    I’ve always said, president Obama is a Republican (or to some extent what Republicans used to be).

    The irony, a lot of president Obama’s policy proposals were Republican ideas originally. One glaring and obvious example is Obama Care. The idea was originally hatched by conservatives at the Heritage Foundation. You can’t get more conservative than the Heritage Foundation.

    However, since president Obama embraced the idea of affordable health care for all, the GOP/TP had to be against it.

    And the Heritage Foundation considers itself a Christian organization… hmmm.

    Obama’s bi-partisan approach to governing was something shared by Republicans and Democrats alike in our not too distant past. And certainly prior to the advent of the Tea Party freaks.

    Also, there is no such thing as a “Blue-Dog” Democrat. That person is a Republican masquerading as a Democrat.

    Therefore, I think there is some merit to Mr. Fallows’s comments.

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