Joe Miller, Vladimir Putin and Tina Who?

 Joe Miller - photo: Ryan McFarland

A few AM notes-

Wonderful to see that Joe Miller isn’t going to try and pull a full “Al Franken” on Senator Lisa Murkowski up in Alaska.  Miller says he’s giving up on trying to stop the certification of Murkowski as Senator.  Joe, is the Tea Party guy who beat moderate (still in apparent control of her senses) Republican incumbent Murkowski in the primary, but then lost to her following a write-in campaign in November.  Miller is still taking his complaint to court, arguing there were infractions with regard to the write-in votes for Murkowski.  Things like people spelling her name wrong.  Good luck with that, Joe.

From Russia, comes an even better method for beating out the competition.  Throw them in jail on the same charge twice.  It’s easy, if you are the “boss of bosses” apparently.  When their sentence for fraud is about to run out, just charge them with the same thing all over again and then pressure the court to hand down another guilty verdict.  It appears that’s what our good buddy Vlad (once KGB, always KGB) Putin is doing to Russian tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who remains behind bars after being found guilty of fraud for the second time.

Hillary Clinton, says this might have a negative effect on Russia’s reputation.  Do ya think?  I guess we should be happy our government officials are willing to say anything at all about Putin and his Russian Mafia, dependent as we are on their leverage with the Iranians.  Then there are all those pesky nukes and ICBM’s they still have.  I wonder how many are still capable of getting off the ground?

And are you reading all this stuff about the death of Tina Marie, the “Ivory Queen of Soul?”  Huh?  Who?  Guess I’m the only one at the party who doesn’t get it.  I don’t listen to rap and I don’t watch VH-1.  I feel like I’ve time warped back to hearing about someone named Selena dying.  You know.  Salena?  The “Queen of Tejano music?”  Her?  Didn’t have a clue who she was either.  Or what Tejano was about.

I’m still stuck on Sistah Reetha and Santana.  A time when music preceded marketing.  Can’t keep up with all these queens.  Please don’t hate me for it.

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