Al Franken Shuts Down Smilin’ Joe Lieberman

In a rare and noteworthy moment, as Republicans, Blue Dogs and Joe Liberman, continue to do all they can to stall passage of healthcare reform in the Senate, Minnesota’s junior Senator Al Franken tells insurance industry puppet Joe Lieberman that his time is up and  he has no alternative but to stop talking.    John McCain, feigns shock and surprise as he issues a protest.   Pay particular attention to what McCain has to say in his complaint, because he’s complaining about something he’s done to Democrats in the past (Sen. Dayton of MN).   And now he says he doesn’t know what’s going on.  What nonsense.  Franken, by the way, is one of only a relative few in the United States Senate who have not been bought off by the insurance and pharmaceutical industries.   Kudos to Al Franken.

(Thanks to Rachel Maddow for the historical info on McCain and Dayton.)

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