Al Franken On Big Media And The Threat To Net Neutrality

U.S. Senator Al Franken is leading a push to stop big media from elbowing out the little guys.   Click here to visit Franken’s website and sign the petition.   With Republicans capturing the House, merger madness is likely to grow in what is rapidly becoming the United Corporate States of America.

What exactly is “network neutrality?”   Basically, it’s treating all Internet users the same, whether they’re individuals working from home computers or executives in a board room on Wall Street

Here’s how sums it up-

“In the eyes of an idealized Internet, all users have the right to send and receive packets of information equally. The principle of net neutrality makes this possible.”

With so much money at stake, not to mention the ebb and flow of information and control of public opinion, this is huge.  You can be sure the big corporations will try and control the market.  Kudos to Franken, for at least trying.

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