ABC News Out To Restore Broadcast Journalism’s Good Name?

   Kudos to ABC News, for getting results with their “Pink Slime” investigation.   Following their reporting and the resulting public concern, Safeway has announced that it will stop selling the stuff as a filler in its ground beef.   And kudos to ABC again, for exposing U.S. clothing designers who crank up their profits by using sweatshop labor in Bangladesh.  Their headline is, “Workers Die at Factories Used by Tommy Hilfiger.” 

According to the ABC News investigation, with Brian Ross, Matthew Mosk and Cindy Galli reporting,  “More than a year after 29 people were trapped in a fire at a garment factory in Bangladesh used by well-known American clothing brands, an ABC News investigation found the retailers right back in business at the factory. And labor groups say dangerous conditions such as locked gates and shoddy wiring persist in a country where nearly 500 workers have died in garment factory fires over the past five years.”

If ABC keeps this up, they’ll eventually restore the good name that broadcast journalism once had.



If you missed the latest Romney flap, he’s again involved in someone saying something stupid.  At least this time it wasn’t him.  This time it was his communications director, Eric Fehrnstrom, who said switching from the primary to the general election is like shaking up an Etch A Sketch.  All you need to do is to push the reset button and you start all over again with a clean slate.   In other words, it’s okay to swing way over to the right and play to the Republican base in the primary and then do a 180-degree turn in an attempt to appeal to moderates in the run-up to the general election.

Thing is, Romney’s old firm, Bane Capital, is about to buy a big chunk of “Toys Are Us,” one of the country’s retailers that sells “Etch A Sketch.”  That would be unremarkable, were it not for a report in the New York Times pointing out that the Chinese company making the toy is currently under fire for forcing its employees to work for 24 cents an hour with an 84 hour workweek and no overtime.    The toy used to be made in Ohio, where workers were paid $9 an hour.  Isn’t outsourcing wonderful?  Wonder how Romney will try and back away from this one?  Or, maybe he won’t.  Maybe he thinks taking advantage of people who are being forced to work for 24 cents an hour in a Communist country is just fine?   Kudos to Rachael Maddow and her staff for connecting the dots.

It appears Mr. Romney and his people are doing all they can to follow in the rhetorically compromised footsteps of George W. Bush.  What was it that the late, great Governor Ann Richards of Texas said about Mr. Bush?  “Poor George, he can’t help it, he was born with a silver foot in his mouth.”  Thank you Governor, and may you rest in peace.

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