ABC Needs To Go Beyond The Obvious With Oil

   Did I hear Diane Sawyer right?   Did she just say that for the first time in years, the United States is exporting more refined oil product than it’s importing.  Huh?

Shouldn’t somebody be asking the real question of why gasoline prices remain astronomically high in the U.S. when all that oil and gas product is being shipped overseas, and why a new refinery hasn’t been built on U.S. soil since 1976?

Come on, ABC.   Let’s try and answer the real questions.  Please.   Do with oil, what you did with pink slime.  The tax breaks these guys are getting amount a public subsidy of big oil.  And still we are being charged more than $4 a gallon?   The oil industry is breaking the law of supply and demand.  With big oil, the more the supply increases, the more the price goes up.  This situation screams for federal oversight and control.  Doesn’t it?   Oh wait, I forgot.  There is no more federal oversight or control.  They’ve all been bought off.  Isn’t that the real story?

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