A Trip To The Woodshed

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Mr. Obama last night.  I knew he’d talk about a freeze on discretionary spending, which I really don’t understand.  It has the appearance of being nothing more than an attempt at throwing a bone to the Republicans,  who have proven themselves to be immutable.

The government is so deadlocked and broken, that I’m not sure anything short of a third party will be able to save us and I don’t see anyone with the money to make that happen stepping up to the plate. So the State of the Union address amounted to a number of good ideas that will probably be blocked at every turn by political bickering as Republicans continue their push to return to power.

Given a little time, they’ll probably get what they want.  Much of the media has been neutered and the memory of American voters is notoriously lacking.  They’ve pretty much already forgotten that we were delivered into this abysmal black hole of political and economic misery by eight years  of George W. Bush and a Republican majority in Congress.

The fact that Mr. Obama now has a congressional majority but still faces a blockade from a coalition of Republicans and “Blue Dog” Democrats, only points to just how badly our system has been bought off by the bribe money of corporate lobbyists.

I did though, thoroughly enjoy the spectacle of watching while the President took the five conservative members of the Supreme Court out to the woodshed for their decision to officially sanction corporate control of the American political system. 

The system may be broken and bleeding but that was a golden moment.

Beyond that, I refer you to an excellent and impartial analysis by Doyle McManus in the Los Angeles Times.  

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