A Tribune Insider’s Rant

 Nothing quite like a good rant.  So here, from “Gawker.com” comes a rant of exceptional timbre and hue entitled, “Lee Abrams: *#@@*###  **##@***#* (expletives deleted)  Who Has Made Our Lives Suck.”  Oh my.  Here’s a bit of the rant.  Click on the link at the end of the quote to read the whole thing…if you dare.

“There are people, good people here I’m seriously worried about them having stroke or heart problems cause no one knows what he’s gonna pull out of his ass that morning that you have to worship or else “you don’t get it”. -Gawker.com

If you don’t know, Abrams is the radio programmer Sam Zell hired as “chief Innovation officer” (whatever the hell that is) to help resuscitate the Tribune Co. (one radio station, 23 tv stations and a dozen newspapers), which went from bad to worse and is now in bankruptcy court.

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