A Thoroughly Disappointing Address From Mr. Obama


I am tired of being told we need to save the world while our own middle class is being economically gutted.  I am tired of being told we need to save the Middle East while some Americans  continue to lack basic health care including mental health and dental health care. I am tired of being told we need to rely upon the Iraqi military, which drops its weapons and runs after we spent tens of millions of dollars training them to fight and provided them with uniforms, equipment and weapons. I am tired of hearing this president talk about pulling our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and then seeing him turn around and send more troops back in as “advisers.”

Not every solution to every problem is a military solution.  Mr. Obama, is again seeking a military solution after that same game plan failed  following a ten-year effort.

Anybody out there remember Vietnam?  Where and how does our commitment to the Middle East and North Africa come to an end?  As Richard Engel and others have pointed out, this fight between the Sunnis and the Shia has been going on for 14-hundred years.  And we’re going to fix it?

I am shocked, that Mr. Obama failed to demand congressional approval before taking any further action against ISIS. Once again, he’s making the call on his own.  It’s his ass waving out  in the wind all by himself, with an election just weeks away.  He’s expecting the Republicans to back his play?   Will he never learn?  They haven’t backed anything he has done in the past six years so why would they start now?

Are some Democrats so paralyzed with fear at the thought of a terrorist incident taking place before the November election, that they are insisting upon ramping up the military option with U.S. and other forces rather than supporting the Kurds and Iraqi government forces while pushing for peace with those nations that continue supporting ISIS financially?  Could that have been one more reason to push for congressional approval before committing to an expanded military operation?

His plan to attack and eliminate ISIS with the U.S. in the lead is politically confused and militarily misguided. We’re going to rely on the Iraqi Army? What a joke. We’re going to ask the Sunnis to help us by expecting them to turn on the mostly Sunni ISIS fighters? What planet is Mr. Obama on?  Who is advising this President?

At the same time, the United States is now allied, in principle at least, with the goals of Iran and Syria.  But Mr. Obama, refuses to work with Syria because they are alleged to have used chemical weapons.  Which is bad.  Although the Unites States, under the great Republican god Reagan, supplied chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein, which at the time was apparently good.  Remember him?   Hussein, I mean.  The politico/strongman who was able to hold Iraq together while maintaining a balance of power in the Middle East, before Dubya decided he could “democratize” the entire region?   Seems like the “good old days,” doesn’t it?

We look like fools, as we continue to be betrayed by our allies in the region.  We have Arab “friends,” like the Saudis, the Kuwatis and the Qataris, who are currently funding our enemies in the ISIS Army.   Does that work for you?

It’s time for the United States to continue our support for Israel, and to push for a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians, but to otherwise get the hell out of the Middle East and focus on fixing our problems here at home.   Our middle class has been devastated.  A major American city, Detroit, is going down for the count as it denies basic water services to the elderly and other low-income residents who can’t afford to pay their utility bills.

Let’s talk about saving ourselves.  The Arabs can afford to fight their own battles, or at the very least, pay someone else to do their fighting for them.

We look like fools to much of the world, spending our money and shedding our blood for countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, which betray us while our own government denies us a national healthcare plan, our infrastructure crumbles and many of our fellow Americans are denied the ability to earn a living wage.   All this, while oil-rich Arabs arrive by private jets in Paris, London, Beverly Hills and New York, cash-fat and ready to party.  But don’t blame the Arabs, it’s not their fault.

It’s our political and business leaders here in the U.S. who have allowed this to happen.   One out or every four major U.S. corporations pays no federal income tax at all, as they move their operations and their jobs off U.S. soil, but expect us to use our military to continue protecting their “economic interests” overseas.    And our middle class is devastated.  And we look like fools.

Lastly, while I am disappointed in this move by the President, I am also mindful of the fact that while Mr. Obama did not start this, he has surely been left to clean it up.  This is a Republican-initiated mess, with Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld in the lead.  They are the culprits here, not Barack Obama, which is something we need to remember when we go to the polls in November and then again in 2016.

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