A Reckoning For The Republican Party – Florida Achieves Banana Republic Status

Just read that 71% of the Latino vote went to President Obama.  As did 73% of the Asian vote.  He also had the nation’s women voters and nearly every African-American in the land.  The youth-vote went to Obama as well.  For those who can’t connect the dots or are stuck in a state of Rovian denial, that leaves the GOP with a bunch of angry, aging, white guys, many of them rural and living in former slave states or out on the lone prairie.  The message is clear.   The sad and frightening remnants of the once-great Republican Party, can either join the rest of the country here in the 21st Century or face extinction.

Meanwhile, down in the bad joke that is now officially the Banana Republic of Florida, those who pass for election “officials,” say they hope to get their vote count straightened out by Saturday.  Saturday?   Wasn’t the election on Tuesday?  And this, after these clowns kept some Floridians waiting in line for  six and seven hours following what the Los Angeles Times calls “a proposed voter purge by (Republican) Governor Rick Scott?”  This is the best they can do down in the land of hanging-chads and ongoing suspected voter suppression targeting minorities?

This is blatant and inexcusable.   When it comes to holding an election, the State of Florida has repeatedly shown itself to be underhanded, inept and possibly criminal.

It was just pointed out to me that hurricane-ravaged New Jersey and New York got the job done under emergency conditions but the nation is again being forced to wait for Florida to get its pathetic act together.  You have to wonder.  If the election hadn’t been so electorally lopsided in Mr. Obama’s favor, would we once again be waiting for the Florida vote count to decide who our next President would be?   And theoretically,  if the final count could decide the election in Mr. Obama’s favor, Florida, might conveniently have been “forced” to take the issue to the right-leaning U.S. Supreme Court, which might then, once again, have shut down the vote throwing the election to Mitt Romney?  It’s only theory you understand.  One that seems highly unlikely.  It might even be crossing over into “conspiracy nutjob” territory, if it hadn’t already happened and if anyone other than an idiot would think they could get away with it again before the passage of time had wiped our collective consciousness clean.

It may be time to fully federalize the Florida polls, or at the very least send somebody down there to oversee their elections to ensure that Florida stops making a mockery of the democratic process.  Maybe we can send in Jimmy Carter?  He’s had some success with putting an end to election fraud in other banana republics.

Federal election officials and possibly the EPA, might also want to take a very hard look at the 6th Congressional District in Minnesota, to try and determine whether there is something wrong with their water.  It’s one of only a few plausible explanations for the reelection of Michele Bachmann, one of a declining number of regressive thinkers who seem determined to destroy what’s left of the Republican Party.

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