A Question Of Priorities


African children continue to die by the thousands from starvation, disease,  even a lack of clean water.    By one estimate, in Somalia alone, famine is responsible for the deaths of around 260,000 people in two year’s time.

In one nation modern slavery is condoned in building a new venue for soccer games.   In other countries, women are treated like cattle.   Or worse.

In Ukraine,  it’s difficult to believe humankind has entered the 21st Century, as diplomacy appears useless with world powers threatening to take us back to the brink with another nuclear-armed “cold war,” while,  hidden behind a curtain, big business flexes its invisible muscle, pulling the strings as bought and paid for political marionettes do their dance.

The planet races toward increased global warming as multi-national oil and gas companies do all they can to dissuade the promotion of green energy.

In America,  the very essence of Democracy is threatened by a new system of Oligarchs buying off elected officials, leaving the American people with nothing more than an illusion of Democracy,  the very same kind of system the founders fought a war to be rid of.

In Iraq and the Middle East, tens of thousands have been needlessly slaughtered as the United States appears locked into feeding the military industrial establishment with fear-fueled unending war.

All the while  Americans continue going about their business without complaint but with an almost palpable anger, sloughing along with a sense that something is terribly wrong but acting as though there is nothing they can do to be effective against the changes that threaten to undermine their very way of life.

Until a dentist from Minnesota kills a lion.

And then the whole country goes nuts.

One thought on “A Question Of Priorities”

  1. I marveled at the universal outcry over the lion too. Not that the King of the beast should have been killed (he should not have), but the swift, and ferocious push back was off the charts.

    It sure would be nice to witness that kind of collective outrage over the laundry list of calamity that you cited Ron, and more…

    The power trippers are winning…

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