Telecommunications: A Monopoly Now Might Be Better Than A Monopoly Later?

It’s being reported that AT&T has purchased DirecTV for umpteen billions of dollars…..blah, blah, blah.   Okay, it’s $48.5 billion, like it really matters.  What are we down to now?  Less than a dozen really big telecom companies ruling the American telecommunications landscape as the FCC (which is supposed to be looking out for us common folk) decides how to best chop up the Internet into pieces so those same telecom giants can jack up their prices by selling products and services piecemeal to us 300 million plus common boobs who pay the freight for everything?

Figured any of this out yet?   It’s simple see.  You just charge a little more from millions upon millions of people and the return can be amazing and the sheeple will barely notice it and by the time they do it will be too late, they’ll all have been fleeced and AH, HAHAHAHA, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! and……oh, never mind.  Details can be such a bore.  Bottom  line is that the rich people who have all the money will make even more money which is what our political leaders in D.C. have been paid off to do.  And oh boy, are they doing it.  To us.  In the worst ways possible.

Might as well stop screwing around and let one company take all the telecommunications business right now as opposed to messing around with mergers for the next ten to fifteen years before deciding a monopoly doesn’t work (again) and proceeding with another mammoth round of trust busting.  Remember Ma Bell back in the 50’s?

Or maybe a handful of corporations will just control everything, like Jimmy Caan in “Rollerball.”  Might be no avoiding it.  See the movie, read the short story.   While you’re at it, rent a copy of “Soylent Green” and buy some stock.   Unless you’re a gazillionaire with your own hedge fund manager with his finger on the pulse of high-speed computer trading you won’t be able to afford to buy enough to get any real return, but what the hell.   Buy a few shares of something.  You’ll feel better.

I’m thinking of bottled water and private security.   Both are sure to be huge in the coming American neo-feudalism.

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