A Mention On Maddow For Former KABC-TV Photog

A big shout-out to my former colleague at ABC, Heather MacKenzie, who got a mention on the Rachel Maddow show last night.   The reason for the mention, is interesting.

Former Virginia Governor,  Bob McDonnell, has been indicted on federal charges for accepting gifts.    It’s being reported by “The Wire” that McDonnell and his wife might have to sell off certain of those alleged “gifts,” if the former Gov is convicted.  The possessions include an Oscar de la Renta sweater, an engraved Rolex watch, and a “Heather MacKenzie watercolor and frame.”

I’ve admired what Heather’s been doing with her watercolors and photography for several years.  Hopefully, the mention by Maddow, will help attract a broader base of art lovers to her work.   Click here, to check out Heather’s watercolors and photos.  Here’s the original $1,200 watercolor that ended up with Bob McDonnell.

               “Seals at Chatham Bars Inn”  by Heather MacKenzie 

                              (image used with permission)

(Heather MacKenzie, is a former video journalist at KABC-TV in Los Angeles.   She now works out of a studio on Cape Cod.)

One thought on “A Mention On Maddow For Former KABC-TV Photog”

  1. Wow! Heather Mac’s work is outstanding!

    I didn’t see the piece on TRMS, but I’m going to check out Rachel’s site to see if I can watch the story showcasing my girl’s fine art.

    Heather was a great video journalist and I loved working with her. She always had my back.

    I have to give it to “Governor Ultra-Sound” though, he has very good taste.

    Way to go Heather! Keep up the fabulous work!!!

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