A Little Time Away From The Political Madness


A friend, someone I hold in high regard, sent me a comment some weeks ago, complaining that “Trump is bad enough,” but to also read my political rants he said,  was just too much.  I thought about it and decided he’s right.  So I’ll be staying away from the pundits hashing and re-hashing the horribly depressing scene in D.C. for a while and focusing my energies on a book project I started several years ago but set aside when the move out of California began eating up my time.

That said, out of habit I landed on a discussion this morning relative to Russia, the United States, Hassad and Syria.   And it struck me.   We still have no end game in the Middle East, to the point that it’s not even on anybody’s radar anymore.  And that’s crazy.  Almost as crazy as having no policy for our involvement in the Middle East and North Africa, with an alleged President who has appointed his young and inexperienced son-in-law as the nation’s ad-hoc Secretary of State, while the real Secretary, Rex Tillerson, has been relegated to some bizarre backburner position while he waits for the chaos to settle.

No policy for our foreign involvement, a State Department that’s being treated as an unnecessary appendage by a White House and a government both of which have no end game under discussion, just the continuation of the apparent ongoing aimlessness of throwing more money and military personnel at a problem requiring a political rather than a military solution.

We need a stronger rather than a weaker State Department.  A President whose personality issues aren’t a daily concern would also be nice.   And that will be my last political posting for a while.

Simply put, I can’t take it anymore.   The insanity is exhausting.  Waiting for our elected leaders to reclaim the government and the nation is infuriating.

Going back to my book about O.J. Simpson, American jurisprudence and Journalism.   Having participated in the “slow-speed chase” and then covering both the criminal and civil trials, I am just now at a point of being able to overcome the extreme weight of having been obsessed with the case for nearly three years to the point of never wanting to get near it again.


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