A Couple Of Holiday Season Movies For Adults

  You’d think I’d learn.  I shouldn’t be writing these things following the cocktail hour.  But here I am feeling motivated by whatever, and so, I will write. Write, I will.  Weegardless.

Here it is.  Flash!  There are movies out there this holiday season suitable for adult viewing!

A couple of movies suitable for adult viewing:   (I know it’s difficult to believe, but there are actually movies out there that go beyond the usual Hollywood crapola for kids.)

First, I give you, “My Week with Marilyn.”   Michelle Williams, is Oscar winning as Marilyn Monroe.  The contrast between her persona and the staid atmosphere created by Lawrence Olivier (Kenneth Branagh), Dame Sybil Thorndike (Judi Dench) and the other British actors she was working with is amazing. Marilyn Monore (Williams), fairly POPS off the screen.  Poor Marilyn, I now feel I understand her more than ever.

Secondly, “The Artist.”  It’s 99% a silent, and it took 20 minutes for my brain to adjust to the fact that a silent film can still be worth watching, that it would be wrong for me to leave the theater before giving it a chance.   I did that, stuck it out past the first twenty minutes, got totally sucked in and found it to be one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.  This too, is Oscar material.  Word of mouth will make it a huge hit.

Oh, and “Margin Call” is also outstanding, although you may not find it at your local movie house.   Lamelle’s is running it here in Los Angeles.  Good for them.  Really, really good movie.

If you have kids to consider, take them to see “Hugo.”  Good kid flick, despite the damnable 3-D goggles you’ll be forced to wear over your regular glasses.  Hopefully you won’t pick up anything communicable from the several hundred people that have used the goggles before you.

I’ll come back and edit this later.  Hopefully I haven’t made any really overly embarrassing errors.  Anyway, my heart’s in the right place.  Gotta go open another bottle of cab.

One thought on “A Couple Of Holiday Season Movies For Adults”

  1. Don’t feel bad Ron…Back in my fondly remembered movie junket days, the screening usually followed cocktail hour, and then dinner where the wine flowed like, um, wine. After the screening, it was time to repair back to the bar, use up the rest of the per diem on adult liquids and eventually stumble back to the room.

    There were many a morning when We, the Hungover, had to interview stars, directors and producers while trying our damndest to remember just what we saw last night and what role they played or what the hell they had to do with the movie.

    This is why so many interviews began with, “So, tell me about the picture…”

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