A Confluence Of Events

I experienced an interesting nexus of sorts today. That is to say a crossing of two paths. A connection. A confluence of events.

It was one of those moments when you let your mind go blank. The thoughts that happen to pop into your consciousness are strictly random, coming from God knows where.

That was the case, as I stood in our front doorway, gazing out upon the driveway. I was thinking, for reasons I cannot explain, about a practice in Tibetan Buddhism, whereby the bodies of dead monks are placed out on an open field where birds can freely feed upon their carcasses. It may seem barbaric to some, but the practice is done out of respect for the natural order of things. Why let the protein contained in the monk’s bodies rot away somewhere or be incinerated, when it can be recycled back into nature by giving it to the birds?

That’s what was in my mind, as I gazed upon a small bug crawling across the driveway. At that exact moment, at the precise nexus, a cardinal swooped in and without touching the ground, grabbed the bug in its beak and flew away.

And there it is, my nexus for the day. Probably means nothing at all.

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