A Clueless Trump – A Leaderless Nation

It’s so reassuring to be repeatedly told by the Trump Administration that they’re “keeping all their options open” and that “nothing is off the table.” What a load.  Still, far better to hear that than some White House wonk telling us, “We have no policies because we have no real idea of what the hell we’re doing from one day to the next.”

Knowing the State Departments is rejecting funding to combat Russian propaganda (that would be actual fake news), because it might upset the Russians, and that  some are probably laying bets on how long General Kelly will last as Donald’s alleged Chief of Staff, does nothing to quiet the storm.

What a big, bright, beautiful vision for the future. This can’t continue.  The Republicans are gonna have to stop it.  Stop the Russians and their golden boy in the Oval Office, that is,  if there are any Republican patriots left.   Oh wait, did I really write that?  Silly me.   They have already repeatedly proven themselves to be beyond any ability whatsoever to put country ahead of party and personal aggrandizement – with the possible exception of this last vote on the Affordable Care Act.    Whether the vote was a McCain inspired aberration or a new beginning remains to be seen.

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