Beheadings: False Flag or For Real?


Okay, way out on a limb here, but this has been on my mind for some time now.   Is it possible,  just possible, that the three beheadings of two Americans and now a Brit, were “false flag” operations, intended to get the U.S. and Britain more involved in the fight against ISIS?

It could be nothing more than another example of the barbarism the ISIS Army represents, although this latest spate of senseless butchery began at a somewhat critical juncture for events in the Middle East, and there are several countries who undoubtedly feel a need for an increased presence by the U.S., Britain, France and other western nations.

We were nearly at a point of feeling as though a political solution might be preferable, and possibly the only sane alternative to ramping up yet another war in the region, and then the beheadings began.

Britain in particular, now appears to be fully entangled in any fight going forward, with Prime Minister David Cameron vowing to “hunt down the killers of this British hero.”  Prior to the beheading of David Haines, they seemed hesitant to become involved in the ISIS affair.

It’s been suggested that the beheadings were intended to be a recruiting tool, drawing more fighters to ISIS.  However, on balance, inviting the wrath of the west would seem to be far less productive than whatever ISIS has been doing all along to bring new members into its bloodthirsty fold?

Was Mr. Obama correct in pushing the U.S. into yet another war in the Middle East, or did he simply take the bait and has Mr. Cameron now followed suit?   And might the trap have been set by one of our allies in the region?   Are the leaders of ISIS really all that eager for their movement to be annihilated?    In the eyes of the west,  they may be crazy, but it appears to be a carefully calculated craziness designed to acquire more power rather than inviting elimination.   But maybe not.  Religious fanaticism is what it is.

As distasteful as this is for those of us in the west, beheadings are commonplace in some Arab nations like Saudi Arabia,  where there was more than one beheading a day in the first three weeks of August, for crimes ranging from drug smuggling to “sorcery.”   For those with the contacts and money, paying off rouge fighters to carry out two or three more for the sake of publicity would probably be a relatively simple task.

As both President Obama and Mr. Cameron are now steadily beating the drums of war, it is perhaps important to remember that President George H.W. (Daddy) Bush first took us into this sectarian mash-up in August of 1990, with “Operation Desert Shield.”  The goal was to protect Saudi Arabia (and their oil), from a possible invasion by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

Ties between the Bush family and the Saudi Royal Family are so well publicized as to be approaching infamy.   CBS News reported in April of 2004 that “The relationship peaked under the presidency of George H.W. Bush. This is both due to personal and financial ties, but moreover because the Saudi royal family supported (was even grateful) for the first Iraqi war, when the United States ousted Iraqi troops from Kuwait.   Both then-president Bush and the current president have had personal and deep financial ties with the Saudi royal family. Author and journalist Craig Unger documents $1.4 billion that has “made its way” from the Saudi royal family to “entities tied” to the Bush family, according to Unger’s controversial book “House of Bush, House of Saud.”

It was, some speculate,  Operation Desert Shield, a move requested by the Saudis, who asked for a U.S. military presence on their “holy ground” that prompted Al Qaeda, to launch attacks against the United States on 9-11.  Fifteen of the nineteen attackers on 9-11 were Saudis.  Their leader, Osama bin Laden, was a Saudi.

So, under George H.W. Bush,  we sent in our troops to protect the Saudis and their oil.  Then, when his son, George W. Bush is president, 15 Saudis, hijack our jets and fly them into buildings filled with innocent civilians for reasons dealing not with anything the western mind might understand, but purely because of religious dogma – because the Saudis, and on a broader scale, the Arabs, cannot agree with one another on what their religious dogma represents.  It’s a centuries old holy war.  Can we really be so arrogant as to believe we can fix it?   Regardless of how tight the Bush family might be with the House of Saud?

The British tried to take command of the region and failed.  The Soviets marched into Afghanistan and failed.  And now we’ve been stuck in this ungodly mess for 24 years with no resolution in sight and Cameron and Obama are committed to begin another major air offensive based upon three beheadings?

Isn’t that the way it always starts?  With another air-offensive?  And the longer our fight in the Middle East and North Africa continues, the greater the potential becomes for another terrorist attack on U.S. soil.  Violence begets violence.  The more we bomb their roads and villages with the inevitable “collateral damage,” killing their women, children and old people, the more determined they will become to strike back, either overseas or on U.S. soil.

We saved the people on the mountain top and are now arming the Kurds and promoting a representative government in Baghdad, which will probably turn out to be another pipe dream.  It’s time now to stop pretending we can fix this centuries old dispute and just get the hell out.

Even if the west destroys the ISIS Army, there will continue to be Sunni supporters of ISIS scattered throughout the region.   The sectarian disputes will remain and the only winners will be the arms manufacturers and other war profiteers.

Apparently President Reagan or perhaps those in his cabinet understood this, as they pulled our troops out of Lebanon, following the 1983 barracks bombing in Beirut, which killed 299 American and French troops.  An “obscure group calling itself “Islamic Jihad” claimed responsibility for the bombing.   Mr. Reagan, did not put together a coalition of the willing to try and march back in to kill them all and democratize the Middle East.

This requires a political and not a military solution.  It has for centuries.   Nevertheless, the United States has inserted itself into the fight and continues to try and solve nearly every problem with a military response for two principle reasons.  One is for our leaders to cover themselves politically.  The other is to protect Arab oil and their business partners, the multi-national oil companies.


A Thoroughly Disappointing Address From Mr. Obama


I am tired of being told we need to save the world while our own middle class is being economically gutted.  I am tired of being told we need to save the Middle East while some Americans  continue to lack basic health care including mental health and dental health care. I am tired of being told we need to rely upon the Iraqi military, which drops its weapons and runs after we spent tens of millions of dollars training them to fight and provided them with uniforms, equipment and weapons. I am tired of hearing this president talk about pulling our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and then seeing him turn around and send more troops back in as “advisers.”

Not every solution to every problem is a military solution.  Mr. Obama, is again seeking a military solution after that same game plan failed  following a ten-year effort.

Anybody out there remember Vietnam?  Where and how does our commitment to the Middle East and North Africa come to an end?  As Richard Engel and others have pointed out, this fight between the Sunnis and the Shia has been going on for 14-hundred years.  And we’re going to fix it?

I am shocked, that Mr. Obama failed to demand congressional approval before taking any further action against ISIS. Once again, he’s making the call on his own.  It’s his ass waving out  in the wind all by himself, with an election just weeks away.  He’s expecting the Republicans to back his play?   Will he never learn?  They haven’t backed anything he has done in the past six years so why would they start now?

Are some Democrats so paralyzed with fear at the thought of a terrorist incident taking place before the November election, that they are insisting upon ramping up the military option with U.S. and other forces rather than supporting the Kurds and Iraqi government forces while pushing for peace with those nations that continue supporting ISIS financially?  Could that have been one more reason to push for congressional approval before committing to an expanded military operation?

His plan to attack and eliminate ISIS with the U.S. in the lead is politically confused and militarily misguided. We’re going to rely on the Iraqi Army? What a joke. We’re going to ask the Sunnis to help us by expecting them to turn on the mostly Sunni ISIS fighters? What planet is Mr. Obama on?  Who is advising this President?

At the same time, the United States is now allied, in principle at least, with the goals of Iran and Syria.  But Mr. Obama, refuses to work with Syria because they are alleged to have used chemical weapons.  Which is bad.  Although the Unites States, under the great Republican god Reagan, supplied chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein, which at the time was apparently good.  Remember him?   Hussein, I mean.  The politico/strongman who was able to hold Iraq together while maintaining a balance of power in the Middle East, before Dubya decided he could “democratize” the entire region?   Seems like the “good old days,” doesn’t it?

We look like fools, as we continue to be betrayed by our allies in the region.  We have Arab “friends,” like the Saudis, the Kuwatis and the Qataris, who are currently funding our enemies in the ISIS Army.   Does that work for you?

It’s time for the United States to continue our support for Israel, and to push for a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians, but to otherwise get the hell out of the Middle East and focus on fixing our problems here at home.   Our middle class has been devastated.  A major American city, Detroit, is going down for the count as it denies basic water services to the elderly and other low-income residents who can’t afford to pay their utility bills.

Let’s talk about saving ourselves.  The Arabs can afford to fight their own battles, or at the very least, pay someone else to do their fighting for them.

We look like fools to much of the world, spending our money and shedding our blood for countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, which betray us while our own government denies us a national healthcare plan, our infrastructure crumbles and many of our fellow Americans are denied the ability to earn a living wage.   All this, while oil-rich Arabs arrive by private jets in Paris, London, Beverly Hills and New York, cash-fat and ready to party.  But don’t blame the Arabs, it’s not their fault.

It’s our political and business leaders here in the U.S. who have allowed this to happen.   One out or every four major U.S. corporations pays no federal income tax at all, as they move their operations and their jobs off U.S. soil, but expect us to use our military to continue protecting their “economic interests” overseas.    And our middle class is devastated.  And we look like fools.

Lastly, while I am disappointed in this move by the President, I am also mindful of the fact that while Mr. Obama did not start this, he has surely been left to clean it up.  This is a Republican-initiated mess, with Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld in the lead.  They are the culprits here, not Barack Obama, which is something we need to remember when we go to the polls in November and then again in 2016.

Off The Ranch With Cowboy Dick


Briefly stated, from The Guardian:  “Former vice-president Dick Cheney met behind closed doors with Republican members of Congress on Tuesday to urge them to adopt a more muscular military posture in the Middle East.”

Good Lord.  Not again.  Why, at this point,  would anyone listen to anything Dick Cheney has to say?  The fact that Republican members of Congress are even willing to meet with him indicates that someone’s interested in his point of view, in spite of his administration’s horrible failures in Afghanistan and Iraq.

After proving to be one of the biggest military screw-ups in history,  he wants to give advice on ISIS?

Who was it that let Osama slip away in Afghanistan, while the Bush Administration pulled out the troops for a totally unwarranted invasion of Iraq?   A mistake of such monumental proportions that it continues to haunt us to this day with the absence of a viable government in Iraq and the creation of not less but of increased instability in all of the Middle East?   An act that history will likely prove to be an administration-perpetrated fraud as the American people continue to pay the price for two unfunded wars and the rollback of our constitutional rights.

Is it even still necessary to bring up the Cheney-Halliburton conflict of interest issue?

Why don’t they just bring back all three, Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld?   They can be introduced to the American people by a tearful John Boehner, who can usher them back onto the national stage with an admonition that everything will be fine if we can just get rid of Obamacare.

Big Dick Cheney is off the ranch?  It’s not like things aren’t bad enough already?

One wonders how deep the disinformation-driven ignorance goes.

Changing Boats In The Middle Of The Data Stream


You may have noticed I’ve upgraded just a bit, with a new theme for my blog and ads targeting specific products for sale via  Not that it matters, as almost nobody ever buys anything from my website.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.  If you want to support the site, then please do.   Click through to Amazon from my site, I mean.

Go ahead, buy something.  You’ll feel better knowing you’ve got something you want coming in the mail.  You’re worth it.

But I was writing about the new look for my blog, and I wanted to tell you why and how it happened.

After months of frustration with a website hosting company I had been with for years, I decided to move both my website and my blog to somebody new but was worried about the potential enormity of the task.  After a whole lot of looking around I landed on “Greengeeks,” a web hosting service that’s “powered by 300% renewable energy.”  At least that’s their claim, which is pretty cool.   Now I won’t have to feel so guilty about not trading in my land yacht for a Prius.  Beyond that, they moved my website and blog over to their servers for free, their prices are reasonable and here’s the really big one,  they actually have people who answer their phones.   Even for tech support.  And they are eager to help.  That’s how I was able to easily update my blog with all the newest stuff WordPress offers.

With my old hosting company, there was a 3 hour wait on the phone.   Oh sure, you could leave your phone number and they’d call you back.  Only the callback came from an automated system, and when the system finally did call you back, you were again put on hold before this very same system would eventually just hang up on you.  And all of it was done without ever hearing the voice of a living human being. Horrible, rotten company.    When I finally did get one of their people on the phone he admitted to me that they can’t answer their tech support email because the same people who are supposed to do that are swamped trying to answer the phones, and so on, and so forth…  In other words, the unspeakably incompetent bastards (and or bastardettes) running the company won’t hire enough people to service their client base.   They must be unspeakably incompetent, or they wouldn’t have the company so terribly screwed up.   They’re probably all busy working on their golden parachutes, getting ready to take the money and bail before turning the enterprise over to the next gang of greedheads.

Greengeeks, on the other hand, made it easy for me to update my blog.  Something I had been  trying to do with the old hosting company.  When I did, I nearly lost half my posts – which I had backed up.  With more than a thousand posts it would have been a pain to reinstall all that material.   You get the idea.

I feel as though I have come out from the darkness and into the light.  My point being, if you are unhappy with a company you are doing business with and you aren’t all tied up contractually, then dump um.  Get them out of your life and go to somebody else.  Just do it.

And fyi, I am not being compensated for this post.  This is not meant to be an endorsement for any particular company.   It is what it is.   If it sounds fishy to you, then go find your own company.  You’re on your own.  One can of sardines is not necessarily as good as the next.  Just don’t wait forever like I did to  make the move.  There are good companies out there.  I found mine by reading reviews on the Internet, narrowing it down to a final few, and then calling each company for tech support to see how quickly they answered the phone.

Find somebody who is willing to work with you, and go for it.   What a relief it is.

I’m Beginning To Hate Us


Was watching an episode  of Frasier  tonight, trying to get my mind off of world events, when it popped up.  An add that the “run-up to Christmas” will start on October 31st on the Hallmark Channel.

As I listened to Bing Crosby singing “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere I go….”  I panicked, thinking I’d lost a month somewhere.    Or maybe two.  Maybe September and October were gone.  I had blacked out and landed in December.  Like those poor people on the island.  Lost.   Regaining my balance I took a deep breath and assured myself that I’m still in early September, and October still follows September, meaning the beginning of the “run-up” won’t take place for nearly a month.  Or two, maybe.  I’m not really sure.

Now if I can only figure out the difference between the run-up to Christmas, whatever that might be, and advertising that the run-up to Christmas is coming?  Wouldn’t advertising that the run-up is on the way be part of the run-up itself?

It’s gotta be to sell us something.  Christmas run-up cards?

Whatever it is, it’ll be a valuable addition to our already oh so meaningful mashed up and hyper-marketed cultural values.

Africa: A Need For The Media To Be Less Politically Correct?

Is the western media trying to be too politically correct with regard to the Ebola outbreak in Africa?   Are they giving  proper context to where the Ebola outbreak is taking place, or are they sometimes looking the other way with regard to reality out of a fear of appearing to be racially biased,  pretending that most Africans have the same sanitation standards, hygiene practices and access to medical care that we have here in the U.S. and Europe?  Because they don’t.   

That should be a big part of the story, if the purpose of journalism is to educate and enlighten rather than simply using fear to drive up the ratings to keep the advertisers happy in a vicious cycle that contributes to our ongoing national dumbing down.

It would probably be wrong to assume that most Americans, or most people in the west, understand just how massive the health care gap is for Africans.    The number of Americans who aren’t even aware that Africa is a continent and not a country, has become a hot topic in some discussion forums on the Internet.   Ignorance of geography, is no excuse, even in a nation that celebrates mediocrity and turns poorly informed and undereducated common folk into authority figures through the wonders of reality tv.

Citing a study done by “Physicians for Human Rights,” The “WorldLink Reader” from  University of San Diego, points out that  “Africa faces the daunting problem of eliminating poverty and diseases made worse due to the lack of an effective health care workforce. There is not enough attention placed on the proper training of doctors, nurses, and other health service personnel. AIDS has killed thousands of health care workers and some of the physicians are migrating to richer countries in pursuit of their own career development.”

Some African nations lack basic sanitation.  The Guardian, reported in March, that “Millions of people in southern Africa still lack access to latrines and clean drinking water, says WaterAid.”

Some of the population need to be coaxed into believing in western medicine, rather than the local Shaman.   They need to understand that disinfectant is not something to be feared.

The BBC reported on 8/29/14 that, “Residents of Guinea’s second-biggest city have rioted after the market was sprayed with disinfectant in a bid to halt the spread of the Ebola virus.  Health workers and the hospital in Nzerekore were attacked by people reportedly shouting: “Ebola is a lie”.  The exact cause of the riot is not clear – some also reportedly feared the spray would spread Ebola.”

To what degree is this lack of sophistication and infrastructure  (which can be as simple as no access to clean water), contributing to the problem with Ebola and how does that translate into what amounts to an unnecessary fear campaign here in the west?

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that this is happening following decades of the west turning its back on Africa’s needs for better schools, medical facilities and infrastructure?   Perhaps it’s time to stop trying to be so PC, and just tell the truth through basic journalism?  Ebola is nasty, but how likely is it that the outbreak is being made worse by an inability to deal with any medical issue on a basic level by some  African nations.

It’s been a long time since Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie teamed up with Quincy Jones and so many other top recording artisits to produce the “USA for Africa” charity song, “We Are The World.”   Their website is still up and running.  But that was 29 years ago.  I remember, because it was my privilege to be in the studio when they cut the song, so I haven’t forgotten.  But people do forget.  And now, even beyond the Ebola outbreak,  Africa, is still in need of help.   Telling the truth about how serious that need truly is, might be a place to start.

How Much Chaos Can The World Handle?

The latest from the hate filled cauldron bubbling over in the Middle East has fighters described as “Syrian rebels,” capturing one group of 43 Fijian United Nations peacekeepers, while another group of “dozens” of Filipino UN peacekeepers has been surrounded and may be forced to defend themselves – and all of it, on Israel’s border in the Golan Heights.  The Filipinos, are said to be “defiant,” and ready to fight back against the rebels.  Since it’s happening on Israel’s border, the Israelis may feel compelled to act in a fashion that’s beyond the skirmishes they have already been involved in with the rebels.    Since they have reached a truce with the Palestinians, they can now turn their attention towards Syria, which may turn out to be mandatory rather than optional.

Put it all together with the ISIS Army continuing to slaughter people across a large section of Iraq, and it feels as though the Islamist fighters are doing all they can to prompt a massive retaliation by Israel and the west.  Could it be an expression of their eagerness for death? Maybe so.  Britain, has just raised its terror alert to “severe.”

It puts President Obama, in a precarious position, as he balances the need to push back against the Jihadists with the wishes of the UN, the requirements of those nations whose UN forces have been taken hostage or are currently threatened, Fiji and the Phillipines, the security needs of Israel and the threat to Iraq and the Kurds, against the wishes and needs of a war-weary American people as an election approaches in November.  And then there’s the Russians.

Vladimir Putin, must be loving it.  It’s a wonderful diversion.  A smokescreen for his generals to continue their invasion of the Ukraine, effectively giving the middle finger to the EU, the United Nations and the United States.

How much chaos can the U.S., the UN and the EU handle as thousands of African refugees continue arriving on European shores, in Turkey, Lebanon and in Jordan, while fighting in the Ukraine creates a flood of refugees on a second front?  According to the UN, for the first time since World War II, the number of refugees in the world has surpassed the 50-million mark.  More than half of the homeless are children.

Aren’t you glad we invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq, without an exit plan?  We’re up to our eyeballs in it now, aren’t we?  Is it now time to remember the wit and wisdom of our great former leader, George W. Bush, who reached deep into the recesses of the lump of coal that serves as his brain when he said,  “I’m also very comfortable with the fact that it’s going to take a while for history to judge whether the decisions I made are consequential or not. And therefore I’m not too worried about it.” 

Somebody should probably tell Mr. Bush that it’s time to start worrying.

Here in the United States, one wonders how many Americans are aware of the truly serious nature of what’s happening overseas as we head off into a long Labor Day weekend holiday?   Perhaps not that  many even care.  And they won’t, until Mr. Obama is forced to send in the troops.  Which, hopefully, will not happen.

Happy Labor Day, everybody.  Just keep in mind that the ISIS Army and the rest of the Jihadists, don’t recognize American holidays.  They could care less, and the medieval death wish that drives them is always on the job.

1400 Children Raped In England – Can We Talk?


The story of more than one-thousand children being sexually abused while the authorities apparently looked the other way in Rotherham, England, is both horrible and frightening.  Horrible, in that it happened at all, and frightening, in that it happened in a western country.  This kind of thing, I was led to believe, didn’t happen in the west.

This time, not only did it happen, but it continues in both in the UK, the United States, and elsewhere.  France, has a terrible problem with human trafficking.  The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development reports, “According to the United Nations and the Council of Europe, trafficking in human beings is now the third most widespread form of trafficking worldwide after drugs and arms, generating no less than €32 billion in annual revenue for the traffickers.”

So human beings love to abuse other human beings for perversion and profit.  But in the British case there’s a central issue I can’t get my head around, and that’s the issue of race, which apparently allowed the molestation to continue for years.

If initial reports are to be believed, then the child victims were white, while nearly all the men who abused them, are British, and of Pakistani extraction.   It’s reported that the incidents were pushed aside by authorities who were afraid of being viewed as racist.  In other words, the authorities in Rotherham, were worried about not being politically correct, the children be damned.   If that’s what happened, and apparently an independent study says that is exactly what happened, then there’s a lesson in all of this with regard to the dangers of upholding political correctness at all cost.

That’s one race issue.  There’s another, and it is perhaps, even less politically correct.

There is also the question of why the men were all, or nearly all, of Pakistani heritage?  You have to wonder why this is the case, and somehow, we have to get past the issue of being overly politically correct or no answers will be forthcoming and the problems will continue,  just as gang-rape continues in India.  It’s something else I struggle to understand.  Unless it happens because of the influence of India’s traditional caste system, and the fact that women are thought to be generally inferior to men?   Caste systems exist for both Hindu and some Muslim societies.  Is a long-standing tradition of gender-bias the core issue?

Could this be an answer as to why some men of Pakistani heritage feel a need to rape children while some Indian men continue to gang-rape and then murder young women, some of them also children, while the Daily Mail reports, “India’s Rape Shame Continues?”  Or is this simply too politically incorrect to discuss, even if the lack of honest discussion allows these unspeakable acts to continue?

Generalizations are dangerous.  It is not my intention to paint all Indian men or men of Pakistani heritage, with the same broad brush.  Nevertheless, with some Indian and Pakistani men the question needs to be asked:  What the hell is wrong with these people?   Is it a question that can be asked without be labeled “racist?”  Or is it better to hold our silence out of fear of being labeled as being less than politically correct, as they did in Rotherham?

And before you even go there, I concede that there is little or no difference between what happened in Rotherham, and the ongoing struggle of the Roman Catholic Church to deal with its history of decades and possibly centuries of child abuse.   This both is and isn’t about race.  It’s about child abuse and how cultural values linked to race may play a role, and whether we can talk about it without being labeled as bigots.

An Amazing Day For News

The news today is extraordinary.


Ukrainian officials report a Russian armored column has crossed the boarder into Ukraine.  They say the column contains ten tanks and two armored personnel carriers.  By any other name, this would be an invasion.   Connected to the “humanitarian” convoy, the Russians sent in earlier, and a second so-called humanitarian convoy the Russians are preparing to send, and you really have to wonder what Putin is up to.  Perhaps the economic sanctions are making it a bit too hot for him back in Moscow, and he feels the threat of war with Ukraine will provide him with a diversion?  It would be a gamble for Putin, since he is not only taking on Ukraine, but the EU as well, and that means the United States, Britain and France.  It’s a very dangerous roll of the dice, and a possible indicator of how much trouble Putin may be in from those who oppose him in Russia.


In France, three ministers have resigned to show their opposition to the government’s austerity program.  At the same time, in Spain, Spaniards are demonstrating in opposition to a visit by German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, a principle proponent of austerity in the EU.  While France and Spain suffer from the crush of austerity measures, Germany, is doing quite well.  This should be of interest to those of us in the United States, as the Europeans have been two to three steps ahead of us with their austerity issues.   Their austere past could be our economic prelude.  In a year or two, Americans might be marching in the streets demanding an end to austerity.  Daily Kos, posted an interesting piece on the austerity vs. progressivism battle currently underway in the U.S.  It compares red state, Wisconsin, to blue state, Minnesota, and finds Minnesota is far better off.


Iran, claims to have shot down an Israeli drone over Iranian airspace.  The Iranian government believes Israel sent the drone to spy on an Iranian nuclear facility.  This comes days after Israel launched airstrikes on Gaza, destroying at least two multi-story buildings, including an apartment tower.


In Syria, the government has done an about-face, saying they will cooperate with any country in the fight against ISIS and the other Islamist extremists now fighting in Syria.   This will presumably open the door for western powers to conduct air-strikes against targets in Syria, if they choose to do so.  The U.S. has complained in the past that not being able to attack targets inside Syria, has been a significant problem in the ongoing war against the ISIS Army.  Syrian ally, Russia, is encouraging the United States to work with Syria in fighting ISIS, while it (Russia), is apparently invading the Ukraine.


Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have secretly been conducting air-strikes against Islamist fighters in Libya.   This apparently involves the use of UAE aircraft and pilots, trained by the United States.  This could complicate matters even further, as the Islamist fighters in Libya, Syria and elsewhere, have wealthy supporters in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, all of whom, claim to be allies of the United States.  Egypt, for its part, is attempting to get Israel to return to peace talks with the Palestinians.   The UAE air force air-strikes are being launched from Egyptian soil.

What is the United States to do in a region where our allies support our enemies, where we have spent billions trying to democratize Arab states and failed, where we have tried to pull out but keep getting pulled back in and where our one true long-term ally is the State of Israel?  At least there is no doubt about who the Israelis are supporting.  If only they could reach a peace agreement  with the Palestinians.

Qatar Intervenes And An American Hostage Is Released


So happy to hear about the release of American journalist Peter Theo Curtis, who was taken  hostage in Syria two years ago.   An as yet unnamed terrorist faction, possibly Al Qaeda offshoot, Jabhat Al Nusra, was holding Curtis, just as ISIS recently held and then murdered another American hostage, Jim Foley, who was beheaded after his parents were unable to raise the more than $100 million in ransom ISIS was demanding.

The story is being released exclusively by Al Jazeera, which is wholly owned by the House of Thani, the ruling family of Qatar.  Al Jazeera reports that Curtis was released following an intervention of some sort by unnamed Qataris.  Which could be why Al Jazeera, got the exclusive on the release.

This is where it gets interesting.

It’s reported that wealthy Sunnis in Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, are funding the ISIS Army.

So unnamed Qataris, who may also be funding the bloodthirsty ISIS army, apparently pressured an unnamed terrorist group to release their American hostage?  They might have hit this unnamed terrorist group where they live.  The might have threatened to cut off the money, unless the terrorists released their American hostage?

It’s a strange and terrible situation, when your allies in Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, are funding an army of cut-throats, who threaten to behead all those who refuse to adopt their stringent and backward religious dogma, and it points to a central issue in the unending bloodshed in the Middle East.

It will not stop until the warring religious factions can somehow separate out their religious beliefs from their government institutions.  In other words, they need to reach an agreement on the separation of mosque and state in the Arab world.

Until they do, as in Europe, prior to the Christian reformation, it is unlikely there will be any peace at all, as the various religious factions continue fighting and our allies continue funding our enemies based not upon any belief in freedom or individual liberty, but based solely on ancient religious dogma, which they have twisted to meet their own intellectual perversions.

The wisdom of the American founders who built a separation of church and state into our baseline institutional thinking should be glaringly obvious.  Worship whatever or whomever you wish, but keep your religious dogma out of the government process.

None of this should blunt our heartfelt thanks to the people of Qatar, for assisting with the release of Peter Curtis.   Now if they could only convince the ISIS funding sources within their country, along with the Saudis and Kuwaitis, to permanently stop funding the ISIS army.   Is a push for peace rather than war in the Muslim world too much to hope for?

Thanks also to Qatar, for funding Al Jazeera, which continues doing a better job at broadcast journalism than the American networks which continue to focus more on advertiser satisfaction than on journalism.

When You Can No Longer Identify The Enemy – It May Be Time To Stop Shooting

I’m sure you’ve heard the old axiom,  “The enemy of my enemy is my friend?”  Well, that’s just been blown to bits by the Brits, who say they will not take sides with Syrian President Assad in his fight against the ISIS Army, even though there are now more than 191-thousand dead in that particular conflict and ISIS has spread out to threaten a much broader area than Syria proper.

Okay, so we are expected to hate Assad because he is alleged to have used chemical weapons.  At the same time, we are now kinda-sorta allied with him, as, like it or not,  we are all now fighting ISIS, which threatens to attack almost everyone in sight if they refuse to convert to their particular brand of (death is good) Islam.

So the enemy of my enemy is my friend, unless that person happens to be Bashar al-Assad?   Even while ISIS decapitates American journalists?

It becomes really complicated when you consider that ISIS is being funded by wealthy Sunnis in Qatar, Kwait and perhaps Saudi Arabia, and that those countries are all alleged to be our allies in the Middle East.  Not to mention our history with Kuwait, where we sent in our troops to drive Saddam from their oil fields in the first Gulf War.  And now the Kuwaitis are funding our enemy ISIS?  How’s the United States supposed to feel about that?  We fought a war for these oil rich jokers and now they are funding our enemies?

Have we gotten hooked on a lost cause?  Is it possible that we alone cannot save the world, and expecting us to do so is simply irrational?  Is it possible the various conflicts of the Middle East can only be solved by those who live there and not by an invading or occupying force?

But back to our original (updated) premise of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend…..sometimes, but not always.”

It hasn’t always been this way.  We sided with Osama bin-Laden, setting up camps to train his recruits and supplying him with weaponry in his fight against the Russians in Afghanistan.  We also sided with Saddam Hussein, during the Iran-Iraq war.  Where do you think Saddam got the chemical weapons he eventually used on some of his own people?   The Washington Post reported in September of last year, As documented in 2002 by Washington Post reporter Michael Dobbs, the Reagan administration knew full well it was selling materials to Iraq that was being used for the manufacture of chemical weapons, and that Iraq was using such weapons, but U.S. officials were more concerned about whether Iran would win rather than how Iraq might eke out a victory.”

The United States supplies training, weapons, bandages and other assorted military equipment to freedom fighters or “nationalists” who are temporarily on our side and then turns around and buys a whole new cache of weaponry when we decide they are suddenly our latest enemy because they threaten the profits of big oil – or as our political pros like to say, our “economic interests overseas.”  And we pay for it all as our military at times, appears to be little more than a mercenary force for the new corporatocracy.

Do you really need more convincing that oil was a prime motivator for the U.S. invasion of Iraq?   As former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan writes in his memoirs, “I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil.” 

Then there is ISIS.  A gathering storm which appears determined to eliminate anybody who disagrees with their twisted and barbaric ideology, leaving the thinking world no real option but to fight back.

Among the troubling issues in the ISIS battle, is the degree to which ISIS terrorists have been supplied by the United States.  First, intentionally, when the U.S. sent arms to the rebel fighters opposing Syrian President Assad.  Those rebel fighters presumably included Al Qaeda and their then affiliate, ISIS.  You can be sure that possibility was known to U.S. operatives supplying the weapons.  Beyond that, the U.S. unintentionally helped arm ISIS, after ISIS split from Al Qaeda and the ISIS Army obtained even more U.S. military equipment after marching into Iraq, defeating the Iraqi Army, and taking the gear it left behind.

We arm our friends.  Our friends become our enemies, turning the weaponry we gave them, on us.  It’s happened repeatedly in the Middle East.

Things are no less complex in the ongoing “war” between Israel and tiny Gaza, particularly when dealing with the question of whether American journalists will ever address the issue of whether Netanyahu and other Israelis on the right have any real desire to reach a peace deal with the Palestinians.

Some argue their motive is to prolong the war until what’s left of Gaza has been laid to waste, all the Gazans leave, and Israel can then push it’s borders to the sea – all the while expanding the settlements on the West Bank, until the Palestinians have been driven from that piece of land as well.

It has been suggested that for these reasons, Netanyahu, is not eager to keep his people involved in the peace negotiations in Egypt, and that it is no coincidence that this latest attack on Gaza occurred only days after Gaza had agreed to join the Palestinian Authority on the West Bank in a new “unity government” for all Palestinians.  It has been suggested that Netanyahu, might have been forced to drop the blockade of Gaza and negotiate a long-term peace, or, alternately, to give the appearance of having no interest in peace at all.

It can be charged that with the rocket fire from Hamas, Israel has no choice but  to fight back.  It can also be charged, that with their western-supplied military and “Iron Dome” defense, Israel is so vastly superior to Hamas, that it will be incumbent upon the well organized and overwhelmingly more powerful Israeli military to stand down, even if a rocket or two continues being fired from Gaza onto Israeli soil while the talks commence.  It’s not like all the fighters in Gaza, are all that well organized, right?  Or, Israel can withdraw from the negotiations every time some wild-eyed extremist fires a rocket, blame it on Hamas, and the fighting will continue forever.  Or at least until Palestine, no longer exists.

There are surely those on both sides who find war preferable to peace because it supports a particular power base, and who will do what they must to prevent peace from happening.  Again from the Washington Post, Ishaan Tharoor blogs that, ” Hamas is an institution whose raison d’etre is to resist Israeli occupation with the strength of arms. Every single time Israel has decided to “mow the grass” — as the chilling euphemism goes — in Gaza, Hamas’s main base of operations, it has hurt the militants, but the grass and weeds have always grown back.”

That being the case, is there any room at all for peace between Israel and the new “unity government” representing the Palestinians in both Gaza and the West Bank?  Is that even a possibility?   If not, and considering how superior the Israeli military is to the Palestinian’s relatively puny force, then what are we really talking about?  Or not talking about?  At least, not in the American media.

When and why did peace become so unpopular?  Was it that night in 1980 when David Chapman shot John Lennon?  Is that when we all decided we would no longer “give peace a chance?”  Was it when George W. Bush declared himself to be our “wartime president,” naively committing to democratize all of the Middle East?  Or is it because elected political leaders and tyrants alike have a much easier time acquiring and then holding power by selling war and the fear it generates?

If mindset matters, and you can be sure that it does, then perhaps we need to get back to thinking and talking about peace as opposed to what feels like an ongoing promotion of war?   Regardless of what our children are being taught through the media, war is not a good thing, it’s bad.  We need to get back to seeing it as something we need to avoid rather than promote and celebrate.  It’s something we can all do, and it is at the very least, a start.

Maybe The LAPD Can Help?

It just keeps getting worse.  The police in Ferguson have now arrested two German reporters while the St. Louis cops scooped up a 90 year-old Holocaust survivor, putting her in restraints.

Why not?  Why limit the madness to journalists from the U.S.?  Bust um all and let God sort it out.  Is that what they’re doing?  Think of what this latest move will do to improve our profile overseas.

You have to wonder how long it’ll take these guys to throw Eric Holder in the slammer?  That’ll be choice.  Remember the words of that fat cigar-chomping southern sheriff in that old Dodge commercial?  “You in a heap o’ trouble now boy!”  I wonder if they’ll have that guy meeting Holder at the airport?

With apparent thanks to Missouri Governor, Jay Nixon (I say “apparent,” because it’s impossible to tell just who is in charge of what in Ferguson), a lone African-American Highway Patrol Captain  has been forced to take the point and make everything work out for the best.  A Highway Patrol Captain?  Why?  Because he happens to be a black man who was raised in Ferguson?   So they are putting the whole thing on his shoulders?  That one officer?  How sad and ridiculous.  You’ve gotta feel for the guy.

They need to borrow a few command-level officers from the LAPD Metro Division to handle tactics.  They could also bring in former LAPD Lt. Tony Alba, one of the best press relations officers I know of from my more than 40 years in the news biz,  to interface with the media.

While nobody’s perfect, I had no idea just how good the LAPD is until I started watching the coverage of the Keystone Cops in Ferguson.

If this keeps up we’ll all be in a heap of trouble.

The High Cost Of Hi-Tech – (Are You Tired Of Being Treated Like A Boob?)

The good people who give me a place to park my website and blog decided to upgrade their system.  They decided to move their clients to new servers to provide better and presumably faster service.  Because of their upgrade, I have lost the ability to determine how many people are hitting my website each day, week and month.  I haven’t been able to access the “analytics” of my website since May.  I have also lost the ability to email their support team or to change my password.  All because of their “upgrade.”   It’s better living through technology.  Everything was working fine before they “upgraded.”

For you geeks out there who are lining up to tell me what an idiot I am, that it’s all my fault for not moving my website to a different hosting company, take a pill, or slam down an energy drink, or whatever it is you guys are doing to stay wired.   There are mitigating issues that are none of your business.  Maybe I will move it, but not right now.   Anyway, I’m going somewhere with this.

I had a similar problem when I tried contacting the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.   The automated phone menu message tells you that you may face a wait of up to 30 minutes.  I called at various times over a period of two days and got the very same message.  If they regularly have a 30 minute backup, why don’t they hire enough people to handle the calls on a timely basis?

I was calling the DWP because I need to know our account number to apply for a rebate on three low-flow toilets we just installed.  I went to the internet to try and find our account number, but you can’t get into the DWP website without your account number which of course, I did not have, and calling the DWP means a wait of up to 30 minutes.  A quick search online provided horror stories of people who waited the full 30 minutes, only to have the DWP’s automated system hang up on them.   I know that’s true, because it hung up on me a couple of times before I gave up and went away, but I’m sure that providing lousy service is far more cost-effective for the City of Los Angeles, than hiring enough people to get the job done properly.  So good for them.

So I can’t get my account number from the DWP website because it won’t let me in without the account number I don’t have and they won’t answer the phone to talk to me about it.  Maybe they need an upgrade?

None of this would bother me so much if it weren’t for the upgraded billing system at the UCLA Medical Center.  Every time we ask them to process a bill through our insurance carrier, there’s a problem.  I’ve spent hours on the phone with our doctor’s office, the billing center at UCLA, and our health insurance carrier in New York.  The problem, it seems, is that the new computer system at UCLA, can’t differentiate between patients and whomever is guaranteeing that the patient’s bills will be paid.   It gets the semantics of who is doing what all screwed around and our insurance is denied, even though we are fully insured.  The technical term for it, is that the system goes all “kaflooie.”  There was no problem prior to the upgrade.

I had this very same problem repeatedly when I was in the tv news business.    Every two to three years the station would upgrade the computerized news-making system and every time they did, we all had to take a class to learn how to use the new and “improved” system.  “Improved,” means that the company had been convinced that the new system would eventually give them the ability to do more with less.  In other words, they would be able to save money by cutting their staff.  Firing people for fun and profit through newer and better technology.  But better for who?  Surely not for the people being fired and maybe not for the company they had once worked for, an enterprise that gave them the ability to earn a living wage so that they could contribute to a stronger American middle class, thereby helping to prove that Capitalism actually works?

I doubt anybody actually sat down and calculated the cumulative cost to the company in terms of lost productivity as dozens of us repeatedly tried to get up to speed on the latest “upgrade.”   And I’m not even including regular upgrades to your basic operating system.

How much time have you spent at  your computer, waiting for the weekly Microsoft updates to download and then install themselves? Days?  Weeks?   Are you at the point of wishing you had switched to Apple rather than sticking with Microsoft?   This isn’t so much of a problem at work, where some MIS guy located in another building does this for you in the middle of the night, but if you have your very own PC, then you know exactly what I mean.

Some genius number cruncher needs to determine how much time we waste attempting to correct the difficulties regularly created by system upgrades, what it’s costing us, and to what degree these same problems would be eliminated if only we would go back to using more human and less electronic brainpower.

Better living through technology?   I’ve got a feeling we’ve turned the corner on hitting a point of negative returns.


Update:  I have moved my website and blog to a new website hosting company, Greengeeks.   They actually have people who answer their phones.  It’s wonderful.   Should have done this long ago.

People Who Offer Solutions


A couple of thoughts for a Sunday morning.  One, is a point of information that provides hope rather than fear.   The other, is a Frontline investigation you may find interesting.  Both are about people who offer viable solutions to what may appear to be otherwise insurmountable problems.

First, the point of information.

I had pretty much given up on nuclear power being a force for anything other than greed and the eventual extermination of the human race until I watched Fareed Zakaria’s show on CNN this morning.  I now have hope that nuclear power could be a solution to our energy issues.   It also makes me feel really, really good about the brainpower of young America.

Zakaria, reported on two young scholars at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Leslie Dewan, and Mark Massie.  They had passed their entrance exams for a program at MIT and decided that their heads might never again be so filled with knowledge.  Rather than wasting all that stored cranial data, they used it to design a cleaner, more efficient process to derive energy from nuclear power.   And it appears that they did.  Big time.

I’m not qualified to judge, but according to the information on their website, Transatomic Power’s advanced molten salt reactor consumes spent nuclear fuel cleanly and completely, unlocking vast amounts of cheap, carbon-free energy. It solves four of the most pressing problems facing the nuclear industry: ecological stewardship, public safety, non-proliferation, and cost-efficiency. Only an advanced reactor that meets all four goals at once can truly change the game and allow for broad adoption of nuclear power.”

One can only hope that an industry that seems resistant to change, sometimes to the point of intransigence, will work with Dewan and Massie, to get this nuclear ball rolling before another Fukushima or Three Mile Island event takes place.

It sounds hopeful, no?  And now, onto the Frontline documentary.  It’s called “Secrets of the Vatican.”   “Inside the end of the Benedict Papacy and Pope Francis’ battle to set the church on a new path.”  It’s an excellent look at the depth of the issues troubling the Vatican, and the enormity of the job facing Pope Francis, and possibly why Benedict threw in the towel.

I now see Francis as possibly being in the same category as Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Gandhi, Buddha and (dare I say it?) Jesus of Nazareth.  “Blessed are the peacemakers.”  I only hope he survives.  And I’m not even Roman Catholic.  But I like Pope Frankie.

“Secrets of the Vatican” is available on DVD, or you can watch it via streaming video by clicking here.