Two Wins And A Standoff In The Desert

An interesting morning.  The United Nations climate talks have concluded in Copenhagen, with what the New York Times calls “a grudging accord” after California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger put in an appearance and then President Obama showed up to end a deadlock and broker the deal.   Schwarzenegger and Obama?  Interesting combination of international star power and American politics.  Not everyone is happy with the result.

The U.S. Senate appears to have its 60th vote to pass the healthcare reform bill.   Passage before Christmas was what the Obama Administration wanted.  They got it done after Ben Nelson came on board following a compromise on abortion.  Not everyone is happy with the result.

With compromises all over the place, it appears  nobody is completely happy with the results on healthcare reform or the climate change agreement.  Question is, are we better off now than we were say…..14 months ago, when the Bush Administration’s “flat-earthers” continued to deny the existence of climate change and pushed hard against any proposed change to the health insurance industry while insisting it was the responsibility of the U.S. to democratize all of the Middle East?  A mess they were leaving for the incoming administration to clean up?

In the Middle East this morning, Iran and Iraq are at loggerheads over an oil well on the border.  Iraq says the well is theirs but the site has been seized by the Iranian military.   Reuters reports they are seeking a diplomatic solution rather than a military confrontation pitting Iranian forces against the Iraqis’.  Oh wait, that would be us, wouldn’t it?   Golly.  I wish Dubya had taken care of that and a few other minor details before firing “Rummy” and leaving for Crawford.   Well, he never really did understand that “legacy thing” did he?   Except maybe, when he needed to get into an Ivy League school?  That’s okay George, don’t trouble yourself with the facts.  We’ll just let the historians sort it all out.

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