The World Lines Up Against Gadhafi

moammar gadhafi  The U.N Human Rights Council, has suspended Libya’s membership.  The European Union and the United Nations Security Council have imposed sanctions.  U.S. Secretary of State Clinton is quoted in the Los Angeles Times as saying, “….the Obama administration was considering every option against Kadafi and that nothing was “off the table.”

This is all fairly amazing, really, when you consider just how difficult it’s been to get this many of the world’s major players, including China and Russia, to agree on anything in the past.

It’s reminiscent of that photo of former President Reagan, Mikail Gorbachev and then Vice President G.W. Bush standing in front of the Statue of Liberty, marking an end to the Soviet Union.  Never thought I’d see that happen, either.

The democratization of the Middle East and North Africa is underway and the people there are doing it for themselves.  This really is something to feel good about.  Now if only Gadaffi can be stopped before more people are killed.

The political impact is unavoidable and it’s difficult to find grounds to criticize Mr. Obama, as the process moves forward with the President walking a geopolitical tightrope between doing enough and doing to little. To date, he has walked it very well, which has to be  driving his Republican opponents crazy.  Oh sure, democratization in the Middle East is okay, but you’ve gotta remember that the Republicans real goal, their stated goal,  is to defeat Barack Obama in 2012.  A party has to have it priorities after all.

For her part, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is becoming a diplomatic superstar of something approaching Kissingeresque proportions.   Her appearance and demeanor are becoming more and more presidential.

One can only hope that she and Mr. Obama will somehow be able to use some of that political capital they appear to be gathering to do something about the robber barons on Wall Street (none of whom have gone to jail) and the health insurance ripoff that continues to bleed the middle and upper-middle class here in the U.S., where people are also marching in the streets.

It’s wonderful that we’re supporting popular uprisings in other countries where the wealth was totally usurped by a handful of tyrants at the top.   How about doing a little more for the middle class here at home, who  are increasingly facing the same problem?

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