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U.S. Supreme court says public sector unions have no right to collect dues

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U.S. Supreme Court rules that pregnancy is not related to a woman's health

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International outrage as Egypt throws journalists in prison
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Starbucks offers employees free college education
Senate Republicans shoot down bill to ease student loan debt in U.S.

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American Tragedy - College tuition up 1200% in 30 years

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Former counter-terrorism czar Richard Clarke says Bush guilty of war crimes

Daniel Ellsberg says Edward Snowden is a patriot who cannot get a fair trial in the U.S.
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Water shortage prompts California growers to tear down orchards

Species disappearing faster than ever before
California counties sue big pharma for pushing narcotic painkillers

America's top 10 corporate tax dodgers
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Saudi blogger sentenced to ten years in prison and one thousand lashes

Japan cancels whale hunt
Middle East Background
Canada's middle class surpasses U.S. as world's wealthiest
Understanding Roosevelt and the necessity  of the New Deal

Princeton Study:  Democracy dead in America
(What you may not have learned in high school - or college.)
Older Americans forced to move back in with their parents
Officials in Miami-Dade County, decide all public restrooms will be closed on election  day

Why Capitalism is not working
Obama signs bill protecting producers of GMO's
When once there was a Democratic Party in America
IPCC report further defines impact of climate change
AlterNet:  "The Sociopathic One Percent"
Marijuana "effective" in helping MS patients
Taking photos of people without permission now illegal in Hungary

OUT OF CONTROL - British spies collect webcam images from millions of Yahoo customers

Clarence Thomas a disgrace to the Supreme Court? 
Obama uses exec order to lower trade barriers even further
UN slams Vatican for child abuse
The NFL is considered to be a "non-profit"
Wall Street:  "U.S. regulatory strategy is a joke"

American politicans and the power of AIPAC
NSA reforms are "little more than a PR attempt to mollify the public"

Oversight panel says NSA spying is illegal - that it does little to protect Americans and that it should be stopped

Hitler's "Mein Kampf" becomes a bestseller via ebooks

Senate passes $630 billion Pentagon budget
(And where exactly is the war?)
Canada's Supreme Court strikes down prostitution laws

Conservatives use phony mainstream non-profits to push extremist views

Warren calls out Obama for his failure to adequately regulate banking industry

The corporatocracy seeks even more power through the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and Obama is doing all he can to help

United States seeks to crush press freedoms?
Why Johnny shouldn't play football
The United States ignores the law but demands that others uphold it

NSA shares raw info on U.S. citizens with Israel
NSA employees using government equipment to spy on love interests

Obama talks a good game on cutting college costs while the federal government reaps billions in profits from student loans

American journalist Laura Poitras, detained about 40 times at US airports
(Welcome to our new American police state?)
NSA scans 75% of American Internet traffic
(Obama lied?)
U.S. officials can cite only one case where massive phone and Internet snooping led to a possible terrorist link

In Egypt, 91% of women age 15-49 have been forced to go through "genital cutting"

Consortiumnews:  The Supreme Court's war on Democracy

The American media - cheerleaders for the federal government

Supreme Court neuters Voting Rights Act
MOJO - U.S. Government spying on reporters
U.S. to retain 9 military bases following "withdrawal" from Afghanistan?

Krugman:  American policymakers are "delusional" on basic economics

U.S. Senators paid to vote no on gun control
(All but 3 were paid-off in advance of the vote...)
STAR WARS IS HERE - U.S. Navy prepares to deploy laser weapon

U.S. accounts for 39% of military spending worldwide

Where was the press when the U.S. invaded Iraq? 

Saudis may have to end public beheadings due to a shortage of swordsmen

(Welcome to the dark ages.)
The Guardian:  U.S. sponsored death squads in Iraq

Swiss vote to limit "fat cat" compensation
A cure for HIV in infants?
China hit by "airpocalypse" smog
"350.org," and the push to go "fossil free" gain momentum on college campuses

Has the United States become "an Orwellian State?"

Study - one can of soda a day raises risk of prostate cancer by 40%

Is sugar killing us?
Wisc delegates to DNC 2000
American journalists making campaign contributions

(Not long ago, this would have been unthinkable)
Clark Kent quits the Daily Planet
Bush tax cuts and wars account for almost half the U.S. public debt

Federal court strikes down clean air rule
Disappearing Arctic sea ice - eventually the Arctic will be ice-free

Guardian:  Global elite hide $21 trillion in offshore accounts

Mountain Lion population regenerates after 100 year decline - big cats moving into Midwest

Leading scientists call for nations to face problem of expanding population

(Anybody out there remember Paul Ehrlich in the 60's?)
World Health Organization says diesel engines cause cancer

Study may link Statin drugs to fatigue - also questions mortality benefits

What is the Bilderberg Conference and why does the American media go out of its way to ignore its impact?

40 years since photographer Nick Ut got the shot that helped end a war

photo: courtesy nick ut
Ron Olsen with Kim Phuc, the "napalm girl" from Nick Ut's Pulitzer Prize winning photo that helped end the Vietnam War.  Nick brought Kim over to say hello during our coverage of the Simpson Civil Trial in Santa Monica. 
Our political system has been "warped and paralyzed by a small wealthy minority"

Top 5 special interest groups lobbying to keep marijuana illegal

Lobbying to keep the prisons full in America

Obama, establishing permanent
U.S. military presence in Australia.
No, really......in Australia.

(it's pushback against our good friends and
business partners, the Communist Chinese)

Baldwin, isn't the only Alec out there...

War continues with contractors staying behind
"....the U.S. can no longer conduct large or sustained military operations or respond to major disasters without heavy support from contractors..."

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